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My trip to Antigua, Guatemala (“the place of many trees”)

Me by Santa Catalina arch, Antigua, Guatemala

Me by Santa Catalina arch, Antigua, Guatemala

My big dream is to travel all around the world to many nations. But Antigua, Guatemala was never on my radar, and yet I just returned from traveling there! It is what I call a “God thing.”

My friends Ron and Rhonda Hedrick, who are missionaries in Guatemala, had both invited me there to visit and to speak to women, but I sensed it was not  the right time yet. They are doing a great work for God there, feeding hundreds of hungry people.

Kim Rogers, Heart for Guatemala

Kim Rogers
Founder, Heart for Guatemala

Then last year, I became Facebook friends with Kim Rogers, who heads the not-for-profit organization, Heart for Guatemala.

She inspired me with her posts and her beautiful pics of Antigua, Guatemala. I felt God stirring my heart to go there and began to pray.

First view of Guatemala from my plane

First view of Guatemala from my plane

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 13:1, “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.”

I am not the type of person who needs 100 confirmations to make sure what I heard is really God! Jesus says His sheep hear His voice, and I am His lamb (a Christian believer). But since Guatemala is dangerous, I felt that I needed God to confirm that I had heard accurately and this was HIS idea, not just my own bright one. 🙂

As my sister Maria pointed out when I told her about the trip and one of my daughters had expressed concerns about me traveling there alone, I have been to other dangerous nations, including Haiti, the Bahamas, and Kenya, Africa!

View of volcano in the clouds from my plane

View of volcano in the clouds from my plane

After getting to know Kim a little more on Facebook, she invited me to Antigua to visit her – and she even offered for me to stay in her home! When I shared with my friend Ron that I was thinking about going there, he too invited me there (again), offering for me to stay in his and Rhonda’s house for a week.

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