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Gorgeous Heather in pink gown & purple shoes & jewelry
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Heather and girls: A Cinderella Carriage and The Cheesecake Factory

Last night our daughter Heather crossed another fun thing off her bucket list. For a special Valentine’s Day treat, she and her girls Annabelle and Violet got all dressed up andĀ she took them to the Kansas City Plaza to ride in the Cinderella Carriage.

The girls wore beautiful redĀ ValentineĀ dresses, and Heather was stunning in a long, pink, satin, backless dress with a halter top, a black wrap, purple shoes to die for, a purple bracelet, and a purple ring.

Gorgeous Heather in pink gown & purple shoes & jewelry

Gorgeous Heather in pink gown & purple shoes & jewelry

I’ve been wanting to take our daughter Leah on the Cinderella Carriage ride, but in her teenish way, she just rolled her eyes and said that was for kids, lol. Heather said they had a lot of fun, but it was freezing. There is a warm blanket to wrap up in as you’re riding.Ā The carriage ride is about a 15 minute ride around the Plaza. It began lightly snowing onĀ their drive home.

But what an incredible memory! The girls felt like the princesses they read about in story books and love. And isn’t that the way we girls all feel at heart, wanting to be a beautiful princess?

Annabelle, Heather, and Violet in CInderella Carriage at KC Plaza

Annabelle, Heather, and Violet in Cinderella Carriage at KC Plaza

After that, they ate at The Cheesecake Factory – Annabelle’s and Violet’s first time there.

They serve delicious food and have 50 legendary kinds of cheesecake and specialty desserts. It’s nothing but an experience to have that first taste.Ā If you ever come through Kansas City, this is a must stop! They serve the ultimate cheesecake.

What is something that you’ve always wanted to do, but you never have? Begin writing your bucket list today, then begin to do it!

God wants to do more than you can imagine in your life. He wants to help you fulfill that bucket list! To learn more, click here for my ebook, Bahama Mama: When God Uses Ordinary Women For His Extraordinary Purposes.