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The older Antigua, Guatemala cathedral, Iglesia El Carmen, and San Juan de Dios Convent

The old Antigua, Guatemala cathedral

The old Antigua, Guatemala cathedral

Recently I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, for the first time. Although I want to travel all around the world, Guatemala was never on my radar. But it was a ‚ÄúGod thing.‚ÄĚ I‚Äôm writing a Guatemala blog series to show you the beautiful pictures and to share about the amazing things God did there. This is Blog #4, The older Antigua, Guatemala cathedral, Iglesia El Carmen, and San Juan de Dios Convent.¬†You can read my other blogs about Guatemala at the links below:

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As I shared about in my first blog about traveling to Guatemala, nothing went according to MY plans when I traveled to Guatemala! But that turned out to be a very good thing. God was truly ordering my every step. My new friends there, Kim Rogers and Stan Edwards, invited me to stay in Guatemala longer when it was nearing the end of my week there.

Stan and Kim with lemonade

Kim said a week wasn’t nearly long enough to visit Guatemala, and she could show me around more. She had already given me a walking tour in Antigua, which really helped me with finding Parque Central, cute coffee shops, restaurants, the street markets, the grocery stores, and more.¬†

my beautiful Air BnB in Antigua, Guatemala

my beautiful Air BnB in Antigua, Guatemala

I told them that I couldn’t because I was running out of money and my booking at the beautiful Air BnB where I was staying in Antigua ended on Sunday morning. They graciously invited me to stay at their house (free) a couple of days. Stan said I wouldn’t need any more money, because they would feed me–he would cook for me and Kim (he’s a great chef and they were amazing hosts). I prayed about it and said yes. What a blessing this was! I will share more pictures of their beautiful condo home later.

Kim's and Stan's beautiful home

Stan’s and Kim’s beautiful home

One of the sites to see on my list traveling there was the older, Antigua, Guatemala cathedral. I had not been able to see it when my Spanish teacher Elvia and our driver Allan took us around Antigua to see the cathedrals (there are many!) and the ruins on the 2nd day of my stay that week. But when I went to Kim’s and Stan’s beautiful condo home, Kim took Stan and me on a short tour, including the older, Antigua, Guatemala cathedral–I was so happy!

If I had not stayed a couple days longer, I would have missed out on seeing this and the surprise God gave me here.

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Dream: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride


Bridesmaid and Bride

Bridesmaid and Bride

Last night I had vivid, colorful dreams. I love dreams and think they’re fascinating.

Sometimes dreams are just images or thoughts relating to past or present circumstances.

Sometimes they are just “pizza dreams.”

Dreams also can be a way for God to speak to us, as He did to Jacob about the angels on the ladder (Genesis 28: 12-13), Joseph about Pharoah’s dreams¬†(Genesis 37), a man in Gideon’s army about¬†Israel defeating the Midianites¬†(Judges 7), and Joseph the stepfather of Jesus being warned to take Mary and the baby to¬†safety (Matthew 2).

I believe my dream last night was from God. In the dream, I opened a door and there was a private wedding in the room, with the officiating minister, the groom and the bride, and just a few attendants. The groom and the bride were saying their vows. The bridesmaid was watching the bride sadly.

I then went over to the bridesmaid and spoke to her: “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

I told her this is how she had always felt, but God wanted her to know that she would be married soon, that her Groom was coming.

I believe this dream is prophetic and symbolically means that our Groom, Jesus, is returning soon and to be ready, waiting for Him.

I also believe the dream represents how many people feel. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Always watching from the sidelines.

Alone. Lonely. Not fitting in. Rejected. Hurting. Aching. Longing. Dreaming.

But God wants you to know you are not alone. He loves you so much. He has great plans for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You are His Beautiful Bride, the one He has chosen to be with Him forever.

All you have to do is say “Yes” to Him.

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10: 9, NLT

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