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A sneak peek at a chapter in my coming ebook!

Beth Jones

If you attended my recent¬†webinar, if you’re one of my ezine subscribers, or you’ve read some of my recent 3 in 30 posts, you know that I’m now writing a new ebook on women and spiritual warfare. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to make it available to you!¬† Want a sneak peek into one¬†of the chapters?

My dear friend Kimberly Ehlers has shared a little of their family’s incredible story at her website, which is included in one of the chapters in my ebook. Kimberly and her family have a POWERFUL testimony. You can read an excerpt of¬†it by clicking here.

Kimberly’s family’s story is just ONE of the 8 stories in this upcoming ebook. AND my husband Ray – who was in the Marines 14 years, was¬†a SWAT team member for many years, and who has been on five missions trips to Haiti, has written the foreward. It is great!

Want to hear the latest updates about the ebook and to hear¬†first when the book is almost ready – and get “first dibs” on a discounted price? Be sure to get signed up on my update list. Just sign up under “Get Beth’s updates” on the right hand side of this site, entering your name and email address.

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Deborah: Shining Like The Sun in Our Love for God

Kimberly Ehlers

Do you have a favorite hero or heroine in the Bible? Someone who inspires you and that you admire? Maybe Noah, Abraham, Moses, Esther, Mary the mother of Jesus, or Mary Magdalene? One of my favorites is Deborah. Deborah was a judge and prophetess in Israel. She was also a great warrior for God, a woman of bold faith.

You can read more about her in Judges Chapter 4. I shared about Deborah in my recent webinar.

I also wrote an article about Deborah for my dear friend Kimberly Ehlers, and she posted part 1 of a two-part series of this article at her website here. You can read part 2 of the article at her website here.

While you’re there be sure to check out Kimberly’s wonderful bundle product, Messy Motives.

Her Messy Motives Bundle was based on her inspiration from Deborah.  At the end of the battle against Sisera, Deborah sang praise to God.  As Kimberly shared in her bundle, Deborah sang that those who love the LORD shine like the sun at full force. 

Kimberly’s website is to encourage parents who have children with serious and/or chronic health challenges. She is an anointed speaker and writer. Here is an excerpt from Kimberly’s wonderful article, Shining Like The Sun In Full Force – Even In Our Storm:

“Do our songs of praise come from hearts that adore Him?¬† Do our minds search His Word to find Him?¬† Do our prayers flow from souls that long for Him?¬† Do our actions share His love?¬† When your child is sick, our motives for doing these things easily become murky and not so pure.

When God’s people love Him passionately, great things happen.  Seas are parted.  Slaves are set free.  Evil is conquered.  The sick are healed. 

When God‚Äôs people love Him with all that they are, they ‚Äúshine like the sun at full strength‚ÄĚ (Judges 5:31b NKJ).¬† That was Deborah‚Äôs prayer, and it is mine now.¬† I want to see what life is like when I shine for the Lord, not just a little, but at FULL strength.¬† I want to find out what it‚Äôs like to mother and be a wife glowing with His power.”

Don’t you love it? Kimberly’s description is so beautiful – shining at full strength, glowing with God’s power. That is my prayer, too. May we shine with God’s love this day.

Kimberly’s articles and her products¬†will be such a blessing to you! I encourage you to check out her site today.

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Rare treasures

Kimberly Ehlers

Once in awhile, someone precious comes across your path who is just a kindred spirit, someone who’s a dear friend from the start. Even though I have never met her in person, Kimberly Ehlers is that friend to me.¬† Kimberly and I first “met” online¬†when we took Cindy Rushton’s coaching class together last year.¬† I hope one day to actually meet her in person to chat and to¬†have some coffee together! ¬†ūüôā¬†

Kimberly has a beautiful, wonderful website for parents¬†of children with health challenges,¬†that is like a rare treasure chest – words that pour straight from her heart of Christ’s love.¬† Kimberly’s son Seth has an awesome¬†testimony of God’s miraculous healings of multiple heart defects since birth.¬†¬†I encourage you to “take off your shoes and stay awhile,” as people in the south where I grew up say.¬† You will be so blessed by Kimberly’s sincere, gentle, loving, and powerful articles, blog posts, and products. ¬† Her Messy Motives and Wrong Way Roads and her Faith Challenge devotionals and audios are just INCREDIBLE!

This week Kimberly posted my article on marriage here. Be sure to dig into all her treasures there at her website, and be blessed!