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My lost wedding ring: God’s heart for the lost

On January 3 of this new year 2022, I lost my wedding ring.  I was doing laundry downstairs and hanging a pair of wet white jeans over the drying wrack, when suddenly I heard a small clanging noise.

I looked down at the floor (in our basement, so it’s concrete on that side of the house) but didn’t see anything, so I continued doing the laundry, because, ya know, endless laundry is just what wives and moms do. 

Later when I went for a Sonic run, I noticed as I ordered a cold drink on the app on my iPhone, that my diamond wedding ring was missing from my finger. My other two rings that I usually wear were on my fingers. I had recently lost a little weight, so I figured that my wedding ring had just fallen off somewhere!

diamond wedding ring

diamond wedding ring

My beautiful ring resembles the one in the image above, which I found by googling “diamond wedding rings images.” (Is “googling” an actual word? Inquiring speakers/writers want to know.)  After getting my Sonic drink, I went home and began looking everywhere  for it. All throughout the house, my car, the trash, dresser drawers, my jewelry stand, my wallet, outside our house, and in the garage.

Sonic drink. Image source:

Sonic drink.
Image source:

Losing things is not uncommon for me. In fact, it happens a LOT. My bank’s ATM credit/debit card, my driver’s license, my keys, money. What happens is that I lose the very important thing, freak out, text my husband Ray, our daughters, and my sister Maria to PLEASE PRAY!!!, and desperately look everywhere for it. 

Usually I find the thing at the bottom of my purse or backpack, underneath the seat of my car, or in my coat pocket.



Then, after almost panicking, and searching like the woman who lost one of the 10 silver coins in Luke 15:8-10, I rejoice with my family and my friends that I found it! My husband Ray and my family sigh in exasperation that I lost something again, but are relieved.

It’s January 14, 2022 as of this blog post. I still have not found my wedding ring. 

I posted about it on Facebook on the day that I lost it. So far, there’s 53 comments from my family and my friends who are praying that I still find it. I really like my wedding ring, so this is not just some calculating ploy of mine to get Ray to buy me some new, expensive bling. (If I was going to “buy” anything new, it’d be a trip to Destin Beach, Florida, for at least a week!)

I believe that the natural parallels the Spirit. God is teaching me some things through this situation. The most important lesson is that God’s heart is for lost PEOPLE.

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