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I love pizza


pepperoni pizza

I love pizza. Especially Pizza Hut’s hand-tossed pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

Our family has always had take-out pizza on a regular basis. It’s been a great back-up on the days that I forgot to lay something out to thaw for dinner, and when my family has asked at 6 or 7 p.m. as I’m pounding away on the laptop, “What’s for supper,” my standard response was, “Let’s just order a pizza.” 

Last year I began preparing Wildtree healthy, crockpot meals for our family, which has been a lifesaver. Mom Off Track travel blogger has a great, REAL, balanced post about Wildtree which you can read here

I had the privilege of doing the party alone with our two daughters Heather and Leah at Heather’s house, since she was a rep. Shopping for and prepping the meals does take a LOT of time, but to me, it’s so worth it!

This way my husband Ray, who loves to eat, has hot, healthy, delicious meals on the table at suppertime (or I bring them to his work) and I don’t have to cook for hours over a hot stove. You prepare the meals ahead of time, all at once, and freeze them for the week. 

This year I also began a radical lifestyle change in my eating habits and walking daily. On bad weather days, I do Stacy Cronin’s kickboxing video on Amazon on our Xbox downstairs in our rec room.

Since January 2015, I’ve lost 19 pounds. Since January 2014, I’ve lost 39 pounds! I still have a long way to go to reach my ideal weight, so please keep praying for my daily discipline.

Leah, Beth and Ray Jones at arch, St Louis

Me with our daughter Leah & my husband Ray in Saint Louis last year

Me in late January 2015

Me , January 2015

It’s so hard. For so long, I ate so much and ate the wrong (unhealthy) things. I think about food too much! My god was my belly. (Philippians 3:19)

Sometimes I really crave a pizza ~ or a big, greasy cheeseburger with french fries, Mexican rice, beans, chips and salsa, a big Sonic Coke at Happy Hour, and especially chocolate!

I finally decided recently that if I completely deprive myself of everything I love (like chocolate and other sweets), that one day I am just going to have a total meltdown and a big chocolate binge, eating pounds of it.

To avoid that, OCCASIONALLY I’m allowing myself a SMALL bite of chocolate, such as the Cheesecake Factory chocolate cheesecake that I had last night at our small group. I split a piece with my friend Liz. OMgosh, it tasted divine!

I believe God told me tiny bites occasionally of chocolate (or sweets) are okay, as long as I don’t do it a lot (such as several times a week, or even once a week – just indulging once in awhile). As our daughters Heather and Leah have been telling me lately, “Everything in moderation. It’s about balance, mom.”

Reese's Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cheesecake - Cheesecake Factory, Overland Park, KS

Reese’s Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cheesecake – Cheesecake Factory, Overland Park, KS

For me, it’s not about the weight loss (although that is a GREAT side benefit of my lifestyle change!), but about fitness and wellness in body, soul, and spirit.

It’s also about being healthy so I can fulfill God’s purpose for my life ~ speaking and writing books. Without our bodies, we can’t do what God is calling you and me to do! We need to take care of ourselves. You are worth it!

Mostly, my diet now consists of:

  • One or two eggs in the morning, prepared a variety of ways: an omelette, fried easy-over, scrambled.
  • A salad at lunch and supper with lots of veggies: romaine lettuce, kale or spinach greens, chopped celery, onion, and/or garlic, a sprinkling of raw, whole flaxseed, and either 1 tablespoon of fat-free Ranch dressing or 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Sometimes at supper time, I have one of the Wildtree crockpot meals with my family instead of a salad.
  • For a snack in the morning, I have a handful of almonds. In the afternoon, I have a handful of almonds and/or some type of fresh fruit ~ usually a plum, but sometimes strawberries, blackberries, kiwi fruit, or nectarine.
  • Sometimes, but not always, at night for a snack I have some almonds again. 
  • After our paydays, I usually go out to eat at the Mexican restaurant (fajitas, no rice, no beans, no chips and salsa, but with a salad) or The Flaming Lantern restaurant with our daughter Leah (I now usually order fish with salad). Ray and I have an occasional date night out at a restaurant. 
  • After breakfast, I enjoy a cup of hot green tea as I pray, read the Bible, and journal to start my day.
  • Throughout the day I push water. I have a tall, blue water bottle that I refill numerous times as I’m working through the day. I set a goal to get up at the very least once an hour, so I’m not sitting all day at my laptop (which is very unhealthy!). 
  • I walk daily for approximately 40-45 minutes at the track in town. On bad weather days, I do the kickboxing workout video. Eventually I hope to run a little as I build endurance and stamina, and I’d like to get through the entire video (without panting!). My goal is to walk at least two 5K’s this year. 

That’s what’s going on lately. Im part-way there and praying for God to help me to get “to the finish line” ~ my ideal weight and better health and fitness!

Beth Jones

Beth Jones
International Speaker/Author

How are you doing with your fitness/health goals this year? What are some of your fave healthy recipes?

Leave your comments below. 


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A single action

This is a  long post. So much to tell you.

So many times at the beginning of the new year, you make goals and resolutions and dream big dreams. Then by the end of January, you haven’t accomplished them ~ and you feel defeated. Ikr?

Today I received an ezine which had these inspiring, motivating words that I shared with my Coaching clients:

“Welcome to the turning point of your life

If you did not have a great year in 2014…

If you have already broken your New Year Resolutions,…

And, if you are not as prosperous and fulfilled as you would like, you need to do something differently, and you need to do it now.

Why? Because all change, all progress begins with a single decision… a single action, a single YES!”

Gary Ryan Clair, 100 Day Challenge

I decided that this is the year for me to lose the weight and get fit and healthy.

Yeah, I know a lot of people say that. I’ve said it before ~ how many times?

 And actually, I have done it before…then gained the weight again.

Although I HAVE maintained the 20 pounds I lost last year with Speaker/Author Donna Partow’s 90 Day Renewal program.

But I made  a choice this year to stop the excuses and just do it.

To get to the real issue, the root…Cokes and food have been an idol in my life (stepping on toes here!). I’ve craved them instead of God and His best plan for my life.

I’ve repented and asked for His forgiveness and mercy.

Lisa Terkeurst writes in her book Made to Crave: “When we are stuffed full of other things and never allow ourselves to be in a place of longing, we don’t recognize the deeper spiritual battle going on…So, I’m not on a diet. I’m on a journey with Jesus to learn the fine art of self-discipline for the purpose of holiness.”

This is not a DIET. I’ve made a radical LIFESTYLE change.



I’m trying not to whine. It’s hard to make the change. So. very. hard.

Why do I think about Cokes and food all the time?

But it’s not as hard as being overweight (which discourages you and causes low self-esteem, makes you at risk for heart disease and other unhealthy things, and – let’s get honest here – unattractive). 

fat woman/thin woman

fat woman/skinny woman

I’m going to track my progress here at, and I’d love your prayers and encouragement. You can leave me comments below the posts and/or on my Facebook page. Being publicly accountable brings this to a whole new level!

And I’d love to hear your story, your goals, your dreams for this year! Let’s partner together to make 2015 an awesome year so we can glorify Jesus!!!



I was inspired to include my progress (and when I mess up!) by Linda M. Brown’s amazing blog, Lose The Weight.

I love, love, love her website! I love the header…her realness…her anointed writing. She’s also hilarious. I truly believe God brought her into my life at this time to encourage and motivate me to keep going. 

Because it’s easier to start (sometimes)…than to finish.

For the first time in over a year, I’ve started walking every day.

No small feat, considering that today it was 14 degrees.

It’s been colder this week than it has been…Missouri has actually had an extremely mild winter, with temps in the 60’s! (My husband is cheering; he hates snow and the cold, and wants to retire on an  exotic island .) It’s been more like fall weather here.

But just in case you want to suddenly pack up and move to Kansas City, MO, remember the expression: “If you don’t like the weather (or do like it) in Missouri, wait a minute.” It can change in a second.

Like the last few days. FOURTEEN DEGREES! OMGosh.

Walking outside is still doable, though. Today I bundled up in my coat, hat, gloves, and beautiful fake-fur scarf Ray bought me (it’s so warm!), and headed to the track. Despite the cold and icy weather, the beautifully shining sun was out.

Me at the track

Me at the track

My nose is what was so cold, as my face was exposed. I tried covering it with the fake-fur, which worked…sorta’.

But my nose was freezing and I looked like Rudolph.



After I walked, I went to Walmart and the closest thing I could find to a hat covering the nose was a headband and neck cover, which I’ll buy later this week. I tried it on there and it will work great. No excuses this year!


I’ve stopped drinking Coke®, which is absolutely God’s grace. I LOVE Coke!!!

I’m addicted to it. Not physically, but emotionally, like comfort foods such as ice cream, chips, chocolate, bread, and fast food, are to some people.

I visited Sonic’s Happy Hour – half price drinks -in the morning and afternoon EVERY DAY! Part of the reason I am overweight! But it was one of the highlights of my day!

Now I’m having to establish a replacement habit…walking! NOT as fun!



 I’ve quit drinking it several times, but go back to it. This time I’m making a  choice not to.

I’ve replaced the Coke® with water. I don’t drink nearly enough water. I’m not drinking any other beverages but hot green tea. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, for your body to function properly, you have to replenish its water supply through beverages and foods that contain water. “The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day.

I’m using this water bottle that Ray (a paramedic) brought home from the hospital one day. It holds a lot (but not too much), it’s thin (not too bulky and fits nicely on my office desk), and it’s a pretty royal blue. 🙂

water bottle

water bottle

I’ve been refilling it several times throughout the day. I measured the water today and it holds 20 ounces. I figure if I drink 3 to 4 water bottles a day, I’ll be getting sufficient water. Maybe more. 

You may be wondering what I’m eating. Low carb, low to no sugar meals. Not to the extreme of Paleo, though…but challenging enough.

Yeah…I really miss chips and salsa, cheeseburgers and fries, Pizza Hut, Baby Ruth’s and Butterfingers!

For so long, I’ve eaten too much and eaten unhealthy and forget to eat when I’m busy working, that I don’t think I even know when I’m hungry -or if it’s just boredom, emotional eating, a habit, etc.

I’m now much more aware of my body and its needs. Listening to its signals that I’m hungry, thirsty, tired, energetic, need a stretch, etc. And it’s working.

The new energy I have now is, amazingly, coming from just a change in diet and exercise! No caffeine. No energy drinks. No pills. Just good-old fashioned healthy food, water, and moving my butt!

Every day I’m eating lots of salads with fresh veggies. 



 The ingredients vary, and I prepare them raw, not cooked:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • onion
  • garlic
  • celery
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • cucumbers
  • flaxseed
  • avocado
  • and sometimes chicken or turkey added.

I use a tablespoon of Ranch salad dressing. If you use the right amount, it’s okay, not fattening. I didn’t realize until this year how much I DROWN my salads in dressing!

Last year I began adding more salads to my diet, but now I eat them daily. Comment and leave me your fave salad recipes!

I’m still cooking Wildtree healthy crockpot meals for my family, which I started doing the last quarter of 2014.

They have no GMO’s, additives, chemicals, etc. Some nights we have taco night or Ray cooks his spaghetti that he and Leah enjoy. I don’t like spaghetti so I opt for something else.



I’m spending time with God each day, praying, reading the Bible, and worshipping.

Asking Him for GRACE and self-discipline – a fruit of the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) Please pray this for me!

Because apart from Jesus, I can do nothing. 

Like Meg Ryan’s alcoholic wife character Alice said to her husband Michael in the movie When A Man Loves A Woman, “Ask me how bad I want a drink right now.”

Ask me right now how bad I want a Coke® or a slice of pepperoni pizza!


pepperoni pizza

But I want to be fit and healthy more. tt’s not about the weight loss. It’s about health and wellness.

The life more abundant that Jesus promised. (John 10:10)

*Able to fulfill God’s purpose for my life – without sickness and suffering.*

Vibrant. Healthy. Feeling good. Energetic.

Being able to live a good life, enjoying God, my family, and friends.

Traveling internationally and nationally to speak, write, minister, do short-term missions, for pleasure.

Do you want to “eat the good of the land” as God promised? (Isaiah 1:19)

 Join me to make 2015 a healthier year.  We can do it! Tips (reminding me!):

  • God helping us through daily quiet time in prayer, meditating on God’s word, worship (doesn’t have to be a long period of time – can you do 10 to 15 minutes?). The more we seek God, the less we will look to other things in this world (or people) to fill that empty, black hole inside. It is a God void that His love and presence only can satisfy.
  • accountability
  • lots of water – helps with cravings
  • journaling
  • weigh first thing in the morning before eating, the same time each day
  • Buy as ‘close to the earth as possible” – no or limited processed foods, fast foods, sugar, salt, etc. Fresh is best for our bodies!
  • Ask for prayer.
  • When we mess up, we get back up. God’s mercies are new each morning. 

February is also Heart Awareness Month – Make a Change.

Go Red Heart Awareness Month

Go Red
Heart Awareness Month

Here’s my “before” picture below.

My goal is to lose 45 pounds. I’ve already lost 6 lbs total JUST from not drinking Coke, changing my diet, and walking 40 minutes a day at the track!

In the afternoon, I also do 20 to 30 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, 10 modified push-ups, 25 leg lifts (each and various kinds).

I know to take it easy and slow to avoid injuring myself and overdoing it. 

Here’s a scripture I’m meditating on for this radical lifestyle change.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;  you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, NIV

Beth Jones, January 2015

Me , January 2015