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Scoping is addictive!

Periscope Follow me @bethmjones

Follow me @bethmjones

Recently I found out about Periscope and I am so addicted! I could watch it all day long, and I love scoping!

It is live-streaming video and is an app for your iPhone or Android, and I believe it is a POWERFUL tool to share about your faith in God, your life, and/or your business, especially for speakers, authors, and other entrepreneurs.

I’ve only recorded a few “scopes” as people call them, but I’m diving in head first and running with the vision! (Habakkuk 2:2).¬†


Mark Shaw’s #tagtribes community

I also began following Mark Shaw on Twitter @markshaw and joined his free Facebook #tagtribes group, which is one of the fastest-growing communities online for Periscope and social media.

#tagtribes Leader Mark Shaw

Periscope #tagtribes Leader Mark Shaw

Mark’s¬†Facebook group includes receiving an awesome weekly video Periscope tip from him, packed with value. action-taking-now content.

Every scope he does is exciting and fun, leaving you as breathless as a wild roller coaster. The full room of viewers has a volcano of colored hearts and comments flying by so fast you can hardly read them.

You see Mark on video, speaking in his British accent and drinking his tea, talking fast, and making jokes that have me just in stitches laughing. He is hysterically funny, but also extremely knowledgeable, giving you massive value. I can’t wait for his next scope!

Periscope #tagtribes leader Mark Shaw on video

Periscope #tagtribes leader Mark Shaw on video

Mark also likes to surprise his students in the Facebook group by showing up unexpectedly on their scopes. Below is a picture of my face when he showed up on my scope one of the first few days I started scoping!

Inside I was freaking out, thinking, “OMgosh, it’s Mark!” I was really nervous with him there, but tried to just go on. I think he gets TOO much fun out of popping up on everyone’s scopes, haha!¬†

my surprised face when Mark Shaw showed up on my scope!

my surprised face when Mark Shaw showed up on my scope!

The Facebook group is an online¬†“family,” where you ¬†get direct access to Mark, find answers to your questions about Periscope, and get amazing support from the other tribe members, who attend your scopes, giving you colored “hearts” and chatting to encourage you. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this group, and Mark encourages us to partner and collaborate with each other, have JV’s, make friends, etc.¬†

hearts on Periscope

hearts on Periscope

The tribe members find your scope by you including the hashtag #tagtribes in your Periscope title and them searching on Periscope, or they get a notification on their phone from Periscope. We’re all there for each other!¬†

colored socks

What are the hearts for?

They’re like Facebook’s “like” button. The purpose of the hearts on the scopes are like a “thumbs up,” letting the broadcaster know someone is there, listening, and what he or she is saying resonates with them. Besides, I love hearts and the hearts are cute!




You give the hearts by tapping on your phone. I’ve heard one scoper, Dee Marshall, say, “Tap the screen like a crazy woman!” to get more hearts, lol. (I mention the hearts on my scopes, but I don’t beg for them! I figure people will “heart” me if they like what I’m saying!)

If you watch the scope on the web or your computer, laptop, or iPad, you can’t give hearts. I always love to give lots of hearts when I’m on others’ scopes.¬†

Hearts measure popularity and gurus can reach the Most Popular and Most Loved lists through the number of viewers, replays, and hearts given. However, as one guru said, the hearts don’t pay the bills!¬†

But Periscope is really about engagement in real time, chatting with the viewers. I’m meeting so many cool people, by going on other people’s scopes and scoping myself! I love it!


Scoping is educational, fun, and inspiring Рand FREE! (for now!)

You can get an extensive¬†business education on Periscope (including Periscope beginner tips). Last night I attended the First Church of Periscope. After midnight, I watched one female black minister’s scope, who was prophesying straight to my spirit. It was a very encouraging, timely word, just what I needed. It amazes me how God does these things.

Whatever topic you’re interested in, it’s probably there on Periscope. The video is what makes it so powerful and engaging.¬†

social media blocks

social media blocks

Periscope’s¬†strength is through the viewers connecting with the broadcaster in an authentic way in real time.¬†As Mark Shaw points out, this isn’t selfish media, “bugger off” media, or ¬†“it’s about me, me, me” media. It’s social media.

He has 5 great social media tips: Be Committed, Be Consistent, Be Interested, Be Interesting and Be Social. 

Unlike other social media gurus, Mark Shaw isn’t about himself. He wants to see you SUCCEED in your business and to take advantage of this massive marketing opportunity called Periscope! I personally think any speaker, author or entrepreneur with an online business NOT using Periscope must be crazy!


Yes, Periscope has problems

As Mark points out, yes, sometimes it’s “buggy.” It’s new, it has glitches, but so did Facebook and Twitter when they first started out! I believe that¬†people need to get on board this train NOW!

train at sunset

train at sunset

I believe Periscope is just going to grow and has incredible potential.

This weekend, I’ve been using scopes for the re-launch of my Kindle eBook, Showers of Blessings: Affirmations for Christian Women Entrepreneurs, as well as free downloads of my eBooks, The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes, Storm Tossed, and Bahama Mama: When God Uses Ordinary Women In Extraordinary Ways.¬†

The ways you can use it are limitless. 


You learn as you go! 

No, I still don’t have it figured out yet, but I’m learning everything I can from Mark, our Facebook tribe, and other scopers.

Yesterday morning, I BOMBED my scope.¬†It was awful. I know when I’m under God’s anointing, and when I’m not. NOT!

I don’t know how many were viewing the live scope (including those on the web), but I watched the replay afterward and immediately deleted it…then I went on and recorded a show last night! (You don’t have to delete the replay; you can just go on.)

And guess what?The video from last night’s messed up pixelating (one acquaintance suggested it was because of a poor¬†wi-fi connection), but I was right back at it today, recording a #Mondaymotivation, “Close to what you want” scope. Don’t¬†quit! Keep going!

No one can relate to perfect!

No one can relate to perfect!

It’s not going to be perfect.

And I believe that is the beauty of it and why people like it so much. It’s raw, in real time, and it’s authentic.¬†People don’t want perfect,like the model in the picture above (who isn’t real, by the way.)

No one relates to perfect! If you screw up, then that’s okay. You just go on.

You have the option of deleting the replay afterward, like I did. Or you can keep the scope to look back at later to see how far you’ve come!

Periscope only keeps the replay 24 hours. As Mark points out, though, you can use this to your advantage to have 24-hour flash sales. 

You can also sign up for to save your video replays to the cloud for people to view later.

Reach more

Mark did a study and discovered that 1.5 million broadcasts were done with Periscope and its competitor Meerkat since June 23, 2015! Let that sink in a minute; 1.5 million people from all over the globe who you can potentially reach!

I highly recommend you begin scoping today, and to follow Mark Shaw @markshaw and join his Facebook #tagtribes community. Just dive right in like I did, and have fun! Follow me on Periscope @bethmjones

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Inspired Living – Horses

Me on quarterhorse Western show horse Ace

Me on quarterhorse Western show horse Ace

Yesterday I recorded the last training video for my Just Write! No Excuses Virtual Summer Bootcamp students. I wanted to make it a special surprise, so I prayed, talked to a friend about what I wanted, and then God made it happen! He’s so good!

The surprise was a horse in the video! My friend Diane Bishop knew a woman with horses, Sandy Lowrance. She and her husband have an amazing ministry called Gentle Hands Horses Ministry in Pleasant Hill, MO, using horses with autistic children and teens.

I made an appointment with Sandy yesterday to use one of her horses, and then she recommended her friend Chris, who actually lives in Butler, where I do. It would be a lot closer and save gas…and it turned out to be a blessing!

I love horses. I used to take English riding lessons when I was pregnant with our daughter Leah, and then had to stop a couple weeks before I had her by planned C-section (I had pre-eclampsia.) As my doctors Leanne and Dr. Hull put me under anesthesia, I dreamed of laughing, riding on a beautiful, running horse. There were other horses in my dream, too.

Years later, Leah expressed interest in riding horses and when I went to a barn in Harrisonville, MO, that advertised riding lessons, to my shock, there was my riding instructor Tina, who had taught me years ago when I was pregnant with Leah!

I knew immediately I could trust her with my child’s safety and that Leah would be in excellent hands being trained. Tina had won national awards doing English riding shows.

Leah learned fast and became an excellent rider. Tina told me she thought Leah had the ability to be a champion show rider. The day Leah won first place in her second English show, I was overjoyed and so proud!

Several years ago, we went through a financial crisis and horseback riding lessons was one of the extra costs in our budget we had to cut. My heart was broken for Leah, because she loves horses.

Yesterday was the first time in years that Leah and I had been on a horse. This put a beautiful smile on Leah’s face, and on mine.¬†

The owner, Chris Cumpton of Butler, MO, not only allowed me to record the video on a horse, but also let Leah get on the horse too – and has offered to let us ride the horses this fall when it’s cooler!

I am SOOOO excited about this! This is a huge answered prayer for me and Leah both!

The horse who starred in my video was Ace. He’s a beautiful white quarterhorse, and is about 10 years old. Chris has had him since he was about 6 months old. She shows him in Western horse shows.


Our daughter Leah on Ace

Our daughter Leah on Ace

Ace was very gentle, an answer to prayer because I needed a horse who would cooperate standing still while videoing. He amused me looking at the camera once while videoing.


Ace and his owner, Chris Cumpton

I was on Ace first, and then Chris let Leah get on. The stirrups were too long for her, so she had trouble keeping her heel down. I reminded Leah later, “Remember, boot heel DOWN!” This is something that Tina was constantly emphasizing to me when I took lessons. But Leah had so much fun being on a horse again. Me, too!


Chris also has other beautiful quarterhorses. They show as well in Western riding shows. Leah liked the pretty mare in the middle best.

Chris' quarterhorses

Chris’ quarterhorses

Leah thought this mare looked really sweet.

Pretty mare quarterhorse

Pretty mare quarterhorse

I love horses and was so happy being on one again! Horses inspire me.

What inspires you? Do what you love. Leave your comments below.

You can view the video of me and Leah on Ace that I created for the Writing Bootcamp students, Inspired Living, Inspired Writing,  by clicking here.

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Released Women’s Conference video

It’s April and now less than a month away until our RELEASED! Women’s Conference. Are you signed up yet? Seating is limited and the seats are filling up. Click here to save your spot.

Below is a video I made on Animoto tonight about the conference. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below – and be sure to share it and about this amazing conference with your family and friends!

Released Women’s Conference Video

Make a video of your own at Animoto.