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Women in Biz Podcast series (the joys and the challenges & success tips)

Women in Biz podcast series

Are you a woman in business/entrepreneur?

Would you like some great tips for success?

I’ve been having women guests for my podcast to either speak or be interviewed about the¬†joys and the challenges of being a woman in business (or entrepreneur).

I have a few more women lined up to share in the following weeks, but here is who I’ve had as my guest so far, and their topic of discussion. They have been amazing and I think these podcasts will encourage and bless you!

  • Me (Kickstarting the series, sharing a bit about my own entrepreneurial journey);
  • Dana Arcuri, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Author, and Speaker (Trusting in God’s Unknown Territory);
  • My beautiful, precious sister, Maria Willis, Counselor (You can reach your dreams, even with mental health struggles);
  • My business coach, Diane Cunningham Ellis (Catch on and stay on fire in your business);
  • Doreen Penner, Canadian Coach, Speaker, and Author (Get clear & be confident);
  • Shelby B. Ketchen, Content Repurposing & Project Management & Launches (Get the “tech” help you need if you feel frazzled and frustrated.)

I also just added my podcast this week about the stressful events (and the joys) of house-sitting and puppy-sitting our daughter Heather’s puppy Angel, while she, her fiance Andy, and his 3 kids Kelsey, Kayden, and Eian drove from Belton, Missouri to Gulf Shores, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida, for a 9-day, relaxing beach vacation. (This might be a business venture idea for YOU; the national average income for puppy-sitters is $15 an hour, or $31,629 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.)

Two more interviews for my Women in Biz podcast series are lined up this week with Author/Editor/Speaker Sharon Rose (Write your story & leave your legacy) and Wellness Coach/Speaker/R.N. Joycelynn Harrell. (Working a J-O-B as you go for your dreams).  If you are interested in being a guest for my podcast (to speak or be interviewed), please contact me here.

What have you found to be the joys and the challenges of this exciting, but not always easy entrepreneurial journey? Please leave your comments below.

Be sure to subscribe to my podcast, Beth Jones International Speaker, on Anchor here. You can also listen and subscribe to it at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher. There is an opportunity to donate one of three amounts to my podcast at Anchor, so that I can continue creating episodes. Just choose the “Support” button at the top of the page.¬†

Beth Jones, International Speaker podcast

Man with beer
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All you need is beer and a drill – or not?

Man with beer

I’m so excited!

This week we had new furniture delivered to our house.¬† Other than a¬†daybed, a used corner piece, and an antique Victorian sofa that I’m trying to get rid of now (all which I bought 18 years ago!), this is the ONLY¬†new furniture in my own¬† modern taste that¬†I’ve bought in 20 years of marriage – so I was super¬†happy about this!

After the burly¬†delivery men in¬†t-shirts and jeans asked me, “Where d’ya want it?”, and easily set it down in our front entry room, one of the men asked if I wanted them to assemble the dinette set.

The red chair and the chocolate-brown loveseat came assembled, but the 4-chair, dark wood dinette set did not.¬† At¬†the furniture store¬†during the purchase, I’d opted to save the $25 it would cost me¬†for the delivery men to assemble it when it arrived.

I said no thank you, we’d do it ourselves. What a huge mistake!

The man looked at me in my cute summer dress and sandals, and said, smiling,¬†“All you need is beer and a drill.”¬† I don’t drink beer. I looked at him and said, “Um, I don’t drink beer, but I think we have a drill,” then signed on the dotted line.

In retrospect, after our daughter Leah and I assembled the dinette set, I almost wish I’d had a beer – or several!

Leah, like our oldest daughter Heather, is good at things like this. I am NOT!

It’s very time consuming and there’s so many little bolts, circle things (washers), allen wrenches, tiny wrenches, and other fairy-sized parts.

Instructions with black and white pictures are included for your entertainment, but the last part of the instructions is useless.

Heather and I put together this exact dinette when she recently bought it. Well, mostly Heather did it.

I watched a lot and held chair legs for her. You’d think I would’ve learned the first time, but I was thinking of being frugal.¬† (Note to self: spend the extra money next time for it to be assembled!)

I loved¬†Heather’s dinette¬†and wanted one of my own, so I bought one and the other two furniture items with our tax refund this year.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

Leah enjoys playing Tinker Bell up to a point because she thinks assembling is fun.¬†Then the chair problem…

Leah texted Heather to find out how she put the stretchers on.

Not ambulance stretchers. (Who comes up with these names?) They are little bars that go across the bottom of the chair.

Heather helpfully texted back that she just kept working with it until she figured it out.

Even Leah became frustrated with the chairs and went to her room to get on Facebook.

Stubborn and determined not to quit, I sat down to solve the problem.

The instructions made no sense. I kept playing working until I finally figured it out and called Leah.

She came  and we finished assembling the rest of the chairs, mostly Leah again.

Today Ray put more bolts, washers, etc., on and tightened the ones we put on.

We did this all without beer or a drill.

I asked Ray about this as he was working on the chairs. He said it was best not to use his drill because it can slide and you can get better tension by hand.  He might not have minded the beer!

I love our new furniture to go with our new home!

This situation applies to life and business.

What others tell you (i.e., “You just need beer¬†and a drill!”)¬†may not be the tools you need for personal development, spiritual growth, and a profitable, successful business.

What the 6 and 7-figure gurus are doing (or others making less!) might not be what GOD wants you to do. Seek Him.

God will show you the exact tools and answers you need to solve your problems, in life and in business.

He will give you the wisdom and the perseverance you need to finish this exciting but challenging race called life.

God will show you the way.

He will help you, strengthen you and bless you.

And all without beer and a drill (although sometimes a¬†drill may come in handy…you decide on the beer!). ūüôā

I’ll share pics with you later of the furniture!


That You Would Prosper ebookDo you need some success tools and tips for your online biz?

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That You Would Prosper ebook
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Congrats to the e-book giveaway winners!

That You Would Prosper ebookCongrats to my Ebook giveaway winners!

I loved the business ideas of each of the participants for this contest, and spontaneously decided on Friday to just bless all 3 of them with the Ebook, That You Would Prosper as Your Soul Prospers: Affirmations for Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

The winners are:

  1. Julie Black. Julie and her daughter feel called to a contemporary ministry for Christian women, to give them steps and strategies to take charge of their success in life by aligning with the power of God. Be empowered, Julie! As Julie said, when God calls, you answer!
  2. Alice White Hinckley. Alice’s goal is to help women embrace being successful entrepreneurs. Her desired¬†learning skills for this year are adding an online presence for her existing business and possibly adding an additional online biz. Her passion is¬†helping others prosper and embracing their gifts and the blessings established for them. Go, Alice!
  3. Tonja Gregory Bertog. Tonja’s goal is to help women struggling with depression and stress-related illnesses realize their self-worth and relevance in life. She’s a single mom and is currently between jobs, and she says she knows the struggles in trying to make it in the world. Right now she is counseling family and friends, giving advice online, but would love to have her own business. You can do it, Tonja!

Congrats to all 3 winners! I pray this Ebook blesses you and gives you the courage and motivation you need to step out in faith with your business dreams!

You can learn more about the Ebook, That You Would Prosper as Your Soul Prospers, by clicking here. Find out what God’s word and successful women entrepreneurs have to say about wealth, money, poverty, and mindset.

God wants to bless you so much that you become a blessing to others!

What would you enjoy as a give-away here at Leave your comments below.