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Don’t stop dreaming and my Kindle book on Ireland!

Our beautiful daughter Leah at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

When I realized this week how long it’d been since I blogged here at, I felt dismayed. I could give you a million excuses for why, but it boils down to the usual: I’ve been busy. Everyone is, though, right?

But here’s what has been happening in my life recently:

  • I went on a week-long trip to Ireland with our daughter Leah in September 2018;
  • I started a new part-time Administrative Assistant job in October 2018. I’m no longer there as of this week, as my season there has ended and God has new things for me to do now;
  • I flew to Georgia to visit my sister Maria and her family and to Florida to spend time with my friends Kim, Pat, and their kids at Christmas 2018;
  • Through a friend’s influence, I spoke and gave my testimony at a church;
  • I went back to Florida this year in the spring for several days, to visit Kim and her family and to enjoy a much-needed beach marathon (the ocean is my place of peace and refilling);
  • I wrote a Kindle eBook about Leah’s and my trip to Ireland with beautiful pics, which is now live on Amazon. You can get it here;
  • Right now I’m working on writing my first children’s book about Leah’s and my cats, Jax and Natalya! This is unfamiliar territory for me. For years Ray and Leah have been encouraging me to write a children’s book. I kept saying I didn’t know how, but now I finally am! As writers, we need to stretch and push ourselves, to hone our craft. We’ll see how it goes! I’m asking Leah, who is now taking college graphic design courses, to design the front cover. I pray she does; she’s an amazing artist! I’m excited about this new venture.

I’ve also been going through more intense spiritual warfare the last several years. Satan never seems to stop. Please say a prayer for me and my family. Christ has the victory, amen!

One thing I want to encourage you to do: Don’t stop dreaming!

God can make your biggest, most impossible dreams come true, as Leah and I are living proof from our trip to Ireland!

Let me know if you need prayer, too. I’ll be happy to pray for you! God is a mighty, prayer-answering God!

I’ll try to be more consistent blogging now! Let me know what topics interest YOU!


Get my newest Kindle eBook at Amazon, with beautiful pics of the “Emerald Isle” Ireland. It’s about my and Leah’s exciting adventures, traveling there in 2018.¬†

Ireland, Soft Rains. Your big dreams CAN come true!

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Blog, Faith, Parenting, prayer, Speaking, Travel, Writing

My daughter Leah and I went to Ireland!

Ireland Blog Series #1

This is post #1 of a blog series I’m writing including pictures of the recent amazing trip I took with our precious, beautiful daughter Leah.

We took so many pictures with our phones that I need to break up the posts, to make it easier for you to read, as I know you live a busy, hectic life like mine and you don’t have lots of spare time!

I hope these blogs inspire and bless you. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ, who made this amazing opportunity and prayer possible. 

“Ireland, once you live there, you’re seduced by it.”–Frank McCourt

My precious daughter Leah & I at Cliffs of Moher

My precious daughter Leah & I at Cliffs of Moher

I’ve dreamed for years of going to Ireland. Maybe the idea first started when I read about my teen-year heroine Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind, whose father Gerald was from Ireland and who had a strong Irish brogue, so Scarlett was Irish, too. Or maybe it’s the breathtakingly beautiful pictures of the Cliffs of Moher, which I longed to see. Or possibly it was from hearing fun Irish music, like the jigs Leah plays on her violin.

Me at Torc Waterfall stone bridge

Me at Torc Waterfall stone bridge

Whatever the reason, Ireland has been calling my heart. So I began to pray for God to make a way for me to visit Ireland. My daughter Leah wanted to go, too. And God did it! I give Jesus Christ all the glory for this amazing opportunity! I told Leah that this proves that hard work and faith in Jesus can make your dreams come true! Yours can, too!

August 2018 box with my book, Walking With God!

Gods’ Glory Box items for August 2018, with my book, Walking With God

How? Through the profit of selling 7,700 copies of my book on prayer, Walking With God, to the Christian organization God’s Glory Box, I was able to buy a vacation package for two through Great Value Vacations.

This package included lodging for a week at the beautiful Bunratty Castle Hotel and lovely, immaculately-clean B & B’s of our choice, the car rental for a week from Dan Dooley’s car rental, and the plane flights from New York to Shannon, Ireland and back from Dublin, Ireland to New York. The flights from Kansas City (where I live) to New York and New York to Kansas City were separately priced.

Leah at pretty spot where we stopped at Killarney National Park

Leah and I went for seven days and had an amazing time! Ireland is GORGEOUS! I miss it and wish I was still there!

Two of the main things I wanted to see was the Cliffs of Moher near Galway and Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park. These beautiful sites surpassed my imagination. The Cliffs of Moher were both mine and Leah’s favorite place.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


The breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


me at Cliffs of Moher with coffee

me at Cliffs of Moher with coffee


A beautiful pic of Leah at the Cliffs of Moher

A beautiful pic of Leah with coffee at the Cliffs of Moher


Leah at Torc Waterfall Killarney National Park

Leah at Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park

Another thing I wanted to see was Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney. This gorgeous Gothic-style cathedral was built in 1853 and has beautiful stained glass windows and awe-inspiring architecture. It is the Roman Catholic cathedral in County Kerry.

It was designed by the renown English architect Augustus Welby Pugin. The Great Famine in Ireland and lack of funds meant the work had to be stopped several times, and when it was recommenced, the interior decorations finished by James Joseph McCarthy.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney, Ireland


Stained glass windows in St. Mary's Cathedral

Stained glass windows in St. Mary’s Cathedral


Altar at St. Mary's Cathedral

Altar at St. Mary’s Cathedral

It is very true that Ireland is SO green and that is why it’s called the “Emerald Isle.” It rains frequently there, thus all the greenery.¬†

Most of the eastern half of the country has between 750 and 1000 millimetres (mm) of rainfall in the year. Rainfall in the west generally averages between 1000 and 1250 mm. In many mountainous districts rainfall exceeds 2000 mm per year.  Rainfall ranges from about 151 days a year along the east and southeast coasts, to about 225 days a year in parts of the west.

Light rain on windshield in mountains

Light rain on windshield in mountains


Ireland is so green due to all the rain

Ireland is so green due to all the rain

I prayed before we went that it wouldn’t rain, at least hard, while we were there because I would be driving and don’t like driving in rain or bad weather. It did rain lightly there every day for short periods of time, but the sun quickly came out. As one couple on a shuttle to the airport said, “The sun (the Son!) followed us.” Leah even spotted a rainbow one day, which I had prayed would happen if it rained, before going over there!

I had bought me and Leah lightweight raincoats on sale (hers, new, at Amazon and mine at a thrift store) before we went over there due to the rain. They came in handy a few times when it softly rained and they worked perfectly! This and our rolling luggage, backpacks, and hiking/walking boots were a great investment for the trip!

I didn’t want to chance our luggage getting lost going on an international flight, so we didn’t check baggage and took the backpacks and rollerboards on the planes. I tried to pack “light and tight,” but they were still stuffed, so I had to push them under the seat to make them fit. Having been a flight attendant helps!

our backpacks & rollerboards for plane

our backpacks & rollerboards for plane


Leah in her blue raincoat--it brings out her blue eyes!

Leah in her cute, lightweight blue raincoat that we bought for this trip–it brings out her blue eyes!


A powerful pic: Leah looking at Atlantic Ocean in her raincoat

A powerful pic: Leah looking at Atlantic Ocean in her raincoat


Me in a cute raincoat I bought at the thrift store on sale for this trip, in Galway at lunch

Me in a cute raincoat I bought at the thrift store on sale for this trip, in Galway at lunch


Me looking at Atlantic Ocean in my raincoat

Me looking at Atlantic Ocean in my raincoat

Pictures can’t do it justice and words aren’t enough to describe how gorgeous Ireland is! Ireland has breathtakingly beautiful mountains, the Atlantic ocean, lakes, waterfalls, trees, and flowers! I loved it and can’t wait to go back! Leah wants to go back, too–next time to see Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland!

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean near Galway


Atlantic Ocean beach near Galway

Atlantic Ocean beach near Galway


mountains in Killarney National Park

mountains in Killarney National Park

I’ll be sharing more blogs and pictures from this trip, so stay tuned here at Please like and share with your family, friends, and peers. Cheers!¬†

Leah & me at the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: Dreams do come true!

Leah & me at the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: Dreams do come true!

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Recently I got a new, part-time job to help our family get out of debt faster. Finance guru Dave Ramsey says 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, the average student loan is $29,400, and 90% of Americans buy things they can’t afford.

I don’t want to be a slave to the lender the rest of my life; how about you? This new job is for a specific purpose: to help set our family free! I pray that I can persevere to the finish line.

woman in hammock

woman in hammock

My job is physical labor which is a big change from the work I typically do as a speaker and author. I’m not used to standing on my feet all day long, constantly moving, and using all these muscles (non-muscles?).

By the time I get home from work, I’m a puddle and just want to lay down…preferably in a hammock at the beach! I’m totally exhausted!

my new lunchbox & Nikes

my new lunchbox & Nikes

I try to get as much rest as possible the night before I work; I wake up at 5:45 a.m. to get ready for the day¬†and have my “coffee with God” time–eat an egg, make my coffee, get dressed, pray, read the Bible, and journal.

Then I take my “work stuff” with me to work, to be there by 8 a.m.:

  • Uniform–a t-shirt with the company logo, blue jean capris, white ankle socks, my new Nikes for standing on my feet all day, and an apron;
  • my lunch box which I pack the night before, usually a salad, and my water bottle (Americans spend almost $3,000 on midday meals each year, with men outspending women by 60%. Taking your lunch to work saves a LOT of money and is often healthier! I usually take a salad.);
  • my toothbrush and Tom’s toothpaste (yes, I brush my teeth after lunch!);
  • my journal to write notes about the job from my trainer, Chantal;
  • my purse with my iPhone for emergencies. We’re not allowed to use our phones during work hours, but I keep it nearby as I’m a little addicted to it! For some reason it brings me comfort just being in my pocket! I’m not alone in my addiction; one in five people check their cell phones every 10 minutes!

I have a 90-day probationary period at this job. For the last week, my trainer Chantal was on vacation in Chicago, so that was sort of the “litmus test” to see if I could do the job alone.

trust God

It was hectic and stressful (this place is always busy!). But I had¬†great help from the previous owner’s wife and the current owner’s wife, which I was very thankful for, and I made it solo through the week! I think I passed the test with a few mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes, right? (Hopefully!)

I’m still speaking and writing when I’m not at work, and in fact today I was sharing about writing books¬†with two of my co-workers (they started asking me questions about it).

Beth Jones Speaker/Author

Beth Jones

Right now I’m writing a new, non-fiction book about writing, and will keep you posted on the deets!

Meanwhile, please keep me in prayer about this new job. My desire is to do it as unto the Lord, with excellence.

You can check out my newest fiction book by clicking here at Amazon, Afflicted: A woman missionary kidnapped by terrorists in Africa.