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Thanks to God

pilgrimsTonight our city’s ministerial alliance held its annual community Thanksgiving service at my church, where the area churches came together for an evening service. Denominational lines melted as we heard worship, praise,Ā preaching, the reading of scripture, and prayer fromĀ God’s peopleĀ of various churches.

Rev. Scott Piper of the St. Matthew Lutheran Church gave the Thanksgiving message in his sermon, Dwelling with God, about the many hardships the Pilgrims facedĀ on the Mayflower shipĀ and when they arrivedĀ – and yet they stayed faithful to God and trusted in Him.Ā 

This week as Thanksgiving approaches, let’s remember to give thanks to God for all His goodness to us, and keep our faith and trust in Him as the Pilgrims did in the uncertain times ahead. Let’s remember to keep President Obama, our country’s leaders,Ā our nation, and IsraelĀ in prayer as God instructs us to do in 1 Timothy 2:2. And let’s really enjoy spending time with our family and friends, who are truly gifts from God above.

What are you especially thankful for today?Ā  Make a list!



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