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The amazing grace of being alive


A dear writer/speaker friend of mine told me today, “Beth, I miss your beautiful writing.” She was referring to the fact that lately I’ve been including more events on blog posts than I am¬†actually blogging or writing articles. After all, a blog is for – yep, blogging!¬† I shared with her that I’ve just been busy, with several projects going on:

  • Trying to keep everything in balance without one area getting out of control- family, homeschooling, business
  • I’m working still on my new ebook on women and spiritual warfare. Praying to have it ready soon for you!
  • A¬†new friend recently contacted me to possibly do a webinar together. She’s putting a power point together for it. I’m very excited abou this and will give you more details asap.
  • A¬†teleseminar on the power of your purpose is in the near future and you’ll be hearing more about that soon!

But this blog isn’t just about or for me!

But I want to be sensitive to my readers here – don’t want you to feel neglected or unloved! ūüėĬ†¬†¬†So, what is on¬† your heart right now? What is that you need from God?

What prayer requests do you have?  What hurts?

What needs improvement in your life? What do you think is the solution for the needed change?

What are you working on right now?

What good books are you reading and what are you learning from them?

Who have you helped and encouraged this week?

What did you see today that was beautiful, and you stopped and admired it Рor did you pass it by without really seeing?

What’s your secret wish upon a star?

What color is your hair this week? (This joke was for our just-turned-21-years-old-daughter Eden, who is now a red!)

What are you letting go of that will make your heart feel lighter?

Are you living? Really celebrating your life?

Jacob with chocolate cake

This past week we celebrated our middle daughter Eden’s 21st birthday and her 3-year-old son Jacob’s birthday (that was in February) together.¬†We met at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, and our oldest daughter Heather brought a chocolate birthday cake.¬† Jacob loved it so much that he smeared it all over his face and hands trying to eat every crumb, and started licking the bowl. The child likes cake. But it made us all laugh. We enjoyed¬†celebrating their birthdays.

Whatever you’re doing right now, are you so busy you’re forgetting to really live or are you celebrating life each day? I want to share with you from Alexandra Stoddard’s book,

“Value every hour you spend. You are giving a portion of your life. You can always acquire more money, but time is finite. One of life’s great paradoxes is that living “content with small means” increases the value of everything: the stillness, quiet listening, nature’s beauty, and life’s profound mysteries. Only time can give us the opportunity to deepen our sense of purpose. Time is there for us to study truth, to focus on beauty and love, and, when we’re fortunate, “time will tell” – it will lead us to wise ways to give back to the world in gratitude for the amazing grace of being alive.”¬† (Time Alive, p. 64)

The amazing grace of being alive. Stop a minute. Reflect on God’s goodness to you. Cultivate daily gratitude for life itself.

The other day I was shopping at Kohls and I saw minute and hour sandglasses, all in different soft shades – picket fence white, robin’s egg blue,¬†pale green. ¬†I am planning to buy some this week because God used them to speak to my heart about how fast life is going by.

Savor now, like your favorite dish on your tongue. This moment will pass all too quickly..

Yes, this moment when the kids are whining or fighting, when the money’s too tight, when the spouse is being demanding and selfish,¬† when you’ve piled on those extra pounds and your jeans are snug, when you wonder if your life is making even a discernible blip on the radar screen of history and if you really matter and if you’re making any difference at all.

You’re alive. Pause. Say a prayer of thanks to God who gave it to you and is using you for His glory. “…accept your blessings, right here, right now.” (p. 63, Time Alive)



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