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The power of prayer

boy prayingWhen a man and a woman marry and have children, they are in awe of this precious miracle of God.  Without a tailor-made instruction manual, how will they ever know if the baby is hungry, soiled, sleepy?  How will they know what the baby really needs? 

Over time the parents come to know their child, and begin to learn and even anticipate their baby’s needs. They help the child learn to walk, talk, read, count, and so many other wonderful things. They provide their child with food and drink, shelter, warm clothes, a quality education, and most of all love.

The most important thing we can teach our children, though, is to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  The ultimate goal for all of us as believers is to be formed into the image of Jesus through God’s power.  Read more about the power of prayer here.




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