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The Power Of Your Influence

As Christians, we not only want to make an impact today but for eternity.  Our lives are not our own, but belong to God.

We want to be people of power and of influence to further God’s Kingdom.  John Maxwell says that to positively change your life and others depends on your degree of influence. Without influence – and the most important quality, integrity – success is impossible, he says.

You don’t have to be famous like Justin Bieber or Oprah to be able to influence others in a positive and great way. Everyone is an influencer, Maxwell says. Spouses make a difference in each others’ lives. Parents influence their children. Friends affect each other. Teachers influence their students. You can influence your professional peers. We all have some sphere of influence in our lives, whether large or small.

You’re not “just a mom” or “just a policeman.” My husband Ray is a full-time paramedic, yet he’s often a “preacher of the night,” ministering to his patients just through caring and giving them encouragement in the back of an ambulance. In my mind and many others’, Ray is a hero for what he does. Where would our society be without paramedics, firefighters, police, or our U.S. military?

You have no idea how much impact you are making for all of eternity, even if you’re not “in the limelight.”  Billy Graham has led thousands upon thousands to Jesus.  Yet what about the person who led Billy Graham to God?

The dictionary defines influence as “the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.”

To be a greater influencer, you listen to others and you respond to them and their needs. You give them value and impart good things into their lives. You offer and teach others what you know. You are mentored, then you mentor.

You share your personal story, your pain, your tragedies, your vulnerable places – and your lessons learned. You give them the comfort God has given you. (2 Corinthians 1:4)

Don’t underestimate the impact of your influence. Your children’s little eyes are watching you, as well as your spouse, your friends, your peers. You want to encourage others to be all that God created them to be, to call them up higher.

Your words have weight. Your story heals. Your gifts help. Your life is an instrument God is using in the life of others.

If you don’t step up into your calling, it can negatively affect other people who God is bringing purposely into your life for you to help and to influence. They need what you have to offer. You have answers and solutions for them. Share them – today.

You are a person of influence.



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