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The Power Of Your Purpose teleseminar

Beth Jones

Did you know that you have GOD’S GREATNESS inside of you? Did you know that God has INCREDIBLE plans for you –  a unique, specific purpose that only YOU can fulfill on this earth? 

Did you know that you and I as believers also have an enemy, satan, who is ruthlessly opposing that divine purpose and fighting us as hard as he can before his (short) time is up? 

But did you know that we have the victory through Christ, and God WILL HELP US to achieve that ordained purpose!

I am so excited about sharing this with you! I’m going to be doing my very first teleseminar on Thursday, March 31, at 11 a.m. Central Time!

To be honest, I wanted to wait a few weeks before doing this teleseminar, but I really felt like God wanted me to go ahead and do it this month. I am so excited and hope to see you there, dear friend!  To find out more information and to sign up, just go to

I added an Animoto video to the page, and would love to know what you think. You can leave your comments below, or email me at 

If you’re on Twitter, you can share about the fun of this teleseminar with the hashtag #pwrpurpose.



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