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The sound of an abundance of rain

This morning I received an email from my dear friend Tony Robinson, with a video on the Scripture about Elijah and the abundance of rain, which was so encouraging to me personally. (1 Kings 18: 1-48)

The backdrop of this story is that Ahab and Jezebel are the evil king and queen over Israel, who worship Baal instead of the true God, along with most of Israel.

Elijah had given a prophetic word that God wouldn’t let it rain, and it didn’t rain for over three years. This was significant because Baal was considered to be the god who controlled the rain. The lack of rain by Elijah’s command was a sign of who was the one true God.

So there had been drought for three years. Now Elijah was praying for rain. He saw the rain with eyes of faith even before it was coming down. He sent his servant to go look for rain seven times as he prayed. He also saw the size of the rain – abundance. Not just a little drip, but a downpour!

Finally, the abundance of rain came, because Elijah prayed and believed.

After I watched this video and emailed Tony, saying, “AMEN! I receive this!”, I heard thunder outside! Today it’s been raining. I feel like that is God confirming that man’s word to my heart and spirit.

Maybe you have been through a spiritually dry season in your life, a time of lack, a lot of stress, or a difficult situation. Maybe you feel like just quitting and giving up.

Maybe you feel like nothing is happening and God has just forgotten about you. Maybe you are thinking in disgust, “What’s the use of praying any more? I am prayed out! It’s dry as a desert around here! There’s no rain coming!”

Or maybe you’ve had a little rain, like in the video below, but you need MUCH more because it’s been such a dry season.

Don’t stop praying! Pray once more, twice more – seven more times. PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens. Pray until it rains MORE, until you’re sopping wet! Your prayers have mighty power!

Pray and believe, dear friend! Have faith in the one true God, who does the impossible in and through our lives. There is the sound of an abundance of rain coming your way!

Here is the video I recorded for my Stepping Stones Intensive coaching class today. I share it to encourage you, too.

“So he told Ahab, ‘Get ready. Prepare to celebrate (eat and drink). The drought is over and rain is coming.’ “

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