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The sound of the gentle rain: listening to God

It’s been softly raining here this morning. A wonderful day to curl up with a good book under a quilt, drinking hot cocoa. I’ve had other things to do, but have enjoyed listening to the rain as I’ve checked email, posted on Facebook, filled the Google calendar with telecalls I’m attending this week, opened the packages that arrived via UPS today for Leah’s homeschooling (Plutarch’s Lives, a knitting kit, and a Growing Crystals Science Kit), and have been praying for my friend Shelley, who was admitted to the hospital’s cardiology unit this morning and is having tests run on her. Now I’m sitting down to write, wanting to capture the sound of the gentle rain forever in my heart. It’s so relaxing. It feels good to just sit here and listen, peace and happiness washing over me.
On Mondays we often have a long to-do list, and at times it can feel overwhelming. I want to encourage you to pray over your to-do list each day. Ask God what is the one priority He wants you to do each day? What is the next step for your life, your writing, your speaking, your coaching program, your business? Then obey Him.
Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels?
That is what He will anoint and bless. That is what will bear much fruit…you won’t just be spinning your wheels, or stressing out over all that you’re not getting done on your to-do list.  Jesus commended Mary because she was doing the one thing that would not be taken away from her – spending time at Jesus’ feet, being taught by Him.
This is what I want you to do for me today, God!
Jesus said we can do nothing apart from Him. So often we make our plans, and ask God to join in with us, instead of seeking His face and asking Him to use us in HIS plans. We have it backwards. God desires to use the wonderful gifts that He has put inside of you for His glory. He wants you to partner with Him to expand His kingdom here on earth, and it is a great privilege and honor. There are people He is wanting you to reach and to touch with His love and grace. Are you willing?
Set aside your plans and your agenda. Ask God to write His to do list in your heart. More often than not, God wants us simply to be instead of to do.  We can get so caught up in “doing” that we fail to accomplish the one important thing that God wants us to do – and to prune the rest (or it can wait for later).
The one thing may be to hug or laugh with your child
The one thing may be setting aside quiet time each morning to pray and read the Bible. It may be visiting a relative who’s hurting or sick. It may be encouraging a friend who desperately needs it. It may be hugging your child or laughing with him or her. It may be making a tasty sandwich for your spouse, or going on a date with him – without the kids!
Listen each day to God’s nudges and promptings
It may be writing the outline for your book or a chapter. It may be working on the speaking presentation at the conference, or creating a video. It may be making a new friend on Facebook, Twitter or at a business lunch. It may be creating your own local networking event.  God will show you what He wants you to do, just as I felt prompted to text Shelley this morning and tell her I missed her – and found out she was in the hospital! Listen to God’s nudges and promptings. They are important.
Disappointed with this year’s results? With God there’s always HOPE.
Maybe you feel like this year hasn’t gone the way you wanted. For all your “doing” and your hard work this year, you are disappointed in the results. You had such high hopes. Yet with God there is always HOPE. The year 2012 is a year, I believe, of new beginnings for us. A brand new, fresh, exciting, adventurous year. I believe great things are ahead for God’s people. Our part is to simply believe and receive and obey God.
Do the one thing God tells you to do…starting now. Listen, like listening to the sound of rain. Obey. Then be in awe and thank Him for what He does to display His glory, through you.



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  • Reply Bess Blanco November 8, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Beth, I learn something every time I read your posts!  This beautiful post touched my heart today, thank you.  I am so glad you “listen to God!”

    • Reply Beth Jones November 8, 2011 at 2:29 pm

      Thank you, Bess. I do try to listen to Him! 🙂  Same here about you – I always learn new things from you – and you inspire me with your business!

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