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The Spiritual Gifts

Imagine that you and your husband are having your 25th anniversary. You can hardly believe that you and your husband have been married this long, and that you have made it.¬† You’ve seen some good times, some bad times, and¬† times when you thought you weren’t going to make it!

You want to be sure to buy something really special to let your husband know how much you love, respect, and appreciate him, and are thankful that he has been faithful to you all these years.  You have been secretly saving money for the last two years to buy him that nice Cartier men’s Must 21 Chronoscaph Stainless Steel and Black Rubber Chronograph watch for $3,130.00! 

On the night of your anniversary, you and your husband go out to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in Kansas City, and order the five-course, prime rib dinner.  There are candles and soft music. He gives you a box and inside is a gift that brings you to tears Рtwo plane tickets to Africa, the desire of your heart! 

You laugh and cry with joy, and then wait in expectation as you give him his present. You can hardly wait to see the expression on his face when he opens it. He just won’t even believe you got this for him!¬† He smiles happily, comments on the beautiful way you wrapped it with the gold, curled ribbon (you curled¬†it yourself with the scissors!), and sets it beside his plate at the table. You look over at him with a puzzled expression, and he says, “I know you gave the best gift possible. One day I’m really going to enjoy it.¬† Maybe on our anniversary in 10 years.”

This story sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it?¬† Yet so often that’s what God’s people do with the spiritual gifts that He has given them.¬† They sit on the shelf, unused and going to waste. I believe there is so much more potential lying inside every one of us – that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in what God desires for us to do and to be!

The best is yet to come!  To learn more about your spiritual gifts and potential in Christ, click on this link, The Spiritual Gifts:

The Spiritual Gifts

Beth Jones



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