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Turtles and social media

Today our daughter Leah and I were going to the local track to walk, and Leah spotted a turtle by our garage. We’ve seen him (her? how do you tell?) hanging around our yard before, but I snapped (pun) a quick picture and then posted it on my personal Facebook page, asking, “What should we name him?” To my surprise, there was an immediate response from my friends! Who knew?

turtle in our yard

While there wasn’t hundreds or 1000’s of responses, the fast replies showed me that social media is, again, social. And that people like to share their opinions, to have a voice. It’s about engagement.

I haven’t decided on his (her?) name yet, but I enjoyed hearing my friends’ opinions. 🙂

If you are a speaker or author, use social media to your advantage. Get the input of your “tribe.” Ask which image book cover they like better, which speaking presentation or book title sounds best, which picture of you would be best for your book’s back cover, do they prefer webinars, teleseminars, audio, or video, etc.

Reach your audience’s or readers’ heart. Let them know you are listening and paying close attention!



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