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UHSE Mommy Jammie-Twitter party

Tonight I had a lot of fun at the Ultimate Home School 2011 pj (jammie) party with Felice Gerwitz, tonight’s speaker Lorrie Flem, and friends – what a wild ride!  As you know, Twitter only allows you 140 characters. Some new friends I made in the chat room tonight agreed with me that 140 characters is quite a stretch for us “gabby” ones. (I am “gabbier” in my writing than I am in person, although my husband Ray would say I am VERY gabby in person because I talk to him all the time!)  Just 140 characters to chat with another woman? Are you kidding me, Twitter?

Lorrie is so encouraging, and she spoke on consistency in our relationship with God, parenting/homeschooling, and our daily lives. The Twitter chat after her session was hard to keep up with because it flies so fast. If you’re like me, you can get really distracted by it because you want to join in ALL the conversations. 🙂  Twitter parties are great because you can connect in real time with different people all over the U.S. and even the world, if the party is scheduled at the right time.

Felice also gave away two free door prizes at the Twitter party, including my Mommy Basket which has the following items in it and is pictured above:

  • My physical book on prayer, Walking With God
  • Chocolate
  • Sunflower plastic decorations
  • A yellow and a green bath sponge
  • Caress “Evenly Gorgeous” exfoliating bath scrub, sample size
  • Caress “Daily Silk” White Peach & Silk Blossom Body Wash, sample size
  • Sweet Things in Life, “Tropical Fruit Smoothie” scented candle for bath time or wherever – smells good!
  • Starbucks 12 oz. “House Blend” coffee
  • Tall, cute coffee cup with inscription – “Let’s go shopping – I need the exercise”

I can’t wait to send it to tonight’s winner!

Have you ever attended a Twitter party or online jammie party? What was it like? Share in the comments below.


You can purchase my book Walking With God that was given away at the Twitter party tonight in my estore here.



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