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Upcoming Book Launch!

The book launch for my new book, Promises In The Dark: One Woman’s Search for Authentic Love, is Monday, June 30. Whoo-hoo! It will be available in both print copy and Ebook on Amazon.

The book’s theme is God’s promises versus the world’s promises.

The world promises you many things, but leaves you empty. God’s promises are for real and forever.

 You can always trust and count on God!

Today as Leah and I were driving back home, there was highway construction. The left side of the highway had been paved, and the crew was about to pave¬†the right side. A warning sign near the construction read, “Uneven lanes.” If we had tried to drive on the right side of the highway, it would have been¬†bumpy!

The last several weeks have been hectic, with a few road bumps along the way in getting my book ready.

Highway under construction, as Leah and I drove back from salon

Highway under construction, as Leah and I drove back from salon

One of my team members¬†emailed me yesterday, saying that that she is beginning to believe that Satan is fighting this book from being published to keep God’s word from going forth. This book glorifies Jesus Christ and he hates that.¬†

Jesus on cross

Jesus on cross

For example, several¬†technical issues are happening to possibly¬†cause a delay in the physical printing of the book. (I’m praying the print book WILL be ready on launch date, June 30!)

The Ebook should launch on time on Amazon!

My sales page is written but not live yet, as I still need a link (url) for customers to buy the Ebook at Amazon.

Then today my website went down temporarily and this afternoon a family member started not feeling well. My family is an area where Satan knows I can become easily distracted.

I am beginning to feel physically drained from the long to-do lists I’ve had lately.

I’ve been a bundle of nerves the last couple of weeks – an emotional cocktail of excited, anxious, relieved, and expectant.

This book is the most transparent, open book I’ve ever written. Even some of my closest friends don’t know some of the things in this book, so I’m battling fear (of rejection and judgment for my past). This is another way Satan is trying to keep me from publishing. He won’t win. He’s a liar.

I believe God told me to write it. ¬†I believe it’s going to impact lives, setting captives free, as I transparently share my story and about God’s redeeming love and forgiveness. God is Faithful. Even when we are not faithful – and I believe, especially when we’re not!

Please pray for me and my family and for the book launch!

To relax and get pampered, today I went with our daughter Leah to the hair salon. My wonderful hairdresser, Lori, is very friendly and outgoing. She chats¬†a lot while she’s doing hair and is funny.¬†

Most of all, she is flat out anointed to do hair. I wish I could carry her home so every morning she could brush and flat iron my hair with amazing hair products. I can never get it to do what Lori does. She did a great job cutting Leah’s hair today, too. Leah is so beautiful!

I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. – Joan Crawford

But I digress! Back to the book launch…the celebrations!

Has someone ever given you a promise and broken it – and your heart? What about God – does He fulfill His word to you? I’d love for you to join me and other women of God to discuss this topic in the chat room on Sunday, June 29, at 3 p.m. CST, ¬†for my free teleseminar to celebrate the book launch, Does God keep His promises?¬† Click here to learn more about this call.

My virtual Facebook book launch event is Monday, June 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST. I’ll be giving away several copies of the Ebook!¬†

All you have to do to enter the contest is join the event and leave a comment on the page that day. ūüôā

While you’re there, enjoy your coffee or fave refreshing drink and the encouraging Scriptures that I’ll be posting there, as well as my new video exclusively for that event and day, You can count on God.

Click here to find out more info about the virtual book launch event.

Come celebrate with me for the launch of this wonderful book!





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