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Use what’s in your hands: Two Fish and Five Loaves

God can use your “two fish and five loaves of bread” gifts in incredible ways.

My passion is seeing women becoming all that God desires them to be, using their spiritual gifts, talents, and skills for His glory ~ fulfilling their destiny in Christ. My personal gifts are speaking and writing, and I am dedicating this year to focusing on those two areas. I have big dreams in my heart because I serve a big God, but every successful dream starts with one tiny step of faith ~ and lots of hard work!

As Christians, we have gifts inside of us that God wants to use to further His kingdom here on earth. Our spiritual gifts are the weapons of our warfare to defeat the enemy and to win the lost to Christ (The Gifts and Ministries of the Holy Spirit, Lester Sumrall, p. 150).

Maybe you feel like you only have a “small” gift, an insignificant one. There are no unimportant gifts and no important people. God wants to use everyone on earth for His glory – men, women, and children! Remember that the boy with the five loaves of bread and two fish was used mightily by God to feed over five thousand (John 6: 1-14). Use whatever you have in your hands ~ just see what God does as you are willing to step out in faith and give to others!

You have to open up your heart, and open up your hands…no holding back!

I feel that I am stepping out in writing and speaking with just “five loaves of bread and two fish” ~ but I believe that as I give what I have in my hands, that the Lord will multiply it and use it for His glory. I want to encourage others, too – wives, mothers, writers, speakers, bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs and other business professionals – to use their spiritual gifts, talents, and skills, letting none be wasted.

For you have an eternal mark to leave on this world. Remember Carly Simon’s song, Nobody does it better? Well, there is just one you – no one can do it quite like you!

Everyone has a set of fingerprints that sets them apart from everyone else. God has a unique blueprint for all our lives, a special purpose and destiny that He has determined for us to do, since the beginning of time. He has deposited specific gifts inside of each of us, that He desires to bless others with for His kingdom’s sake. We just need to find out what those gifts are, and use them faithfully, being good stewards of all He has given us.

Use what you have in your hands. You may start out with something that you feel is small, but God wants to enlarge your territory and increase your sphere of influence. He wants to use you to minister to and encourage others with His anointing that resides inside of you, His Spirit that teaches us all things (1 John 2: 20). God can take your “two fish and five loaves,” and do amazing things with it!

This month I have had two articles published on Ezine articles, The Power of Perseverance, and Discovering and Using Your Gifts for God.

I also wrote an article, Faith in Fearful Times, which you can purchase for just $2.00 on my website. These articles will exhort you to use your unique, spiritual gifts for God, and to encourage you in your faith walk with Jesus in these turbulent times. I would love to hear your feedback on any of these articles – comments, questions, sharing about your gifts and how God uses you, too. Feel free to email me, to comment below or on the Ezine articles site. I’d love to hear back from you!




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