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Videos of Dickerson Park Zoo animals

Leah Jones by waterfall at the zoo

Today I wanted to just get out of the house and do something new and fun. I drove with our daughter Leah two hours to Springfield, MO, to Dickerson Park Zoo. It has pretty landscaping with flowers, a sundial, and fountains, displays a variety of animals, provides shaded spots to give you relief from the heat, and is very reasonably priced (adults and teens $8, children ages 3 to 12 are $5).

At the zoo today, I pondered these things from God, observing the animals:

  • It’s going to take some work to reach your desired destination in life (the two hour drive to Springfield)
  • Walk in Christ’s humility; don’t call undue attention to yourself or be prideful (peacocks who kept yelling obnoxiously and strutting around)
  • Follow the leader – the Lord Jesus!  (baby geese following the mother goose)
  • Stop stressing!  Enter God’s rest each day (the kangaroos, tiger, and lions laying in the shade from the heat)
  • Get connected with others – you and others will be blessed (giraffe eating cracker from the child)
  • We really need each other, both in our family and friend relationships, and in joint ventures (flamingos, zebras)
  • Things are not always what they seem, and our enemy is crafty and evil with plans to destroy us (huge python looked dead in glass box, but was very much alive; cheetah was hidden in the grass, but is the fastest mammal on earth)
  • Sometimes the most beautiful blessings come when you least expect them (my favorite bird, the red cardinal,  flew near us as we were walking on the trail)
  • Use what you’ve got to get what you want! (elephants using their feet and trunks to eat the grass, monkeys using their long tails for movement)

Here are some brief vlogs of Leah’s and my trip to the zoo today. Enjoy!

Vlog of drive to Springfield


Vlog of 3 baby geese following their mommy

Vlog of flamingos at Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield

Vlog of kangaroos at Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield

Vlog of Leah by waterfall

Vlog of giraffe eating cracker from child

Vlog of elephant eating grass at Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield



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