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Walking With God ebook

As Christians we know we should pray and that we need to pray more. But there’s an even better reason than Christian duty to pray. It’s that God just wants to be with us! He is just WILD about you and me!

Would you like a closer, more passionate relationship with God through daily prayer and studying His word? Spending time with Jesus at His feet like Mary of Bethany did? 

You don’t have to pray for hours every day, or get up at the crack of dawn either.  God never goes on vacation. He doesn’t have call waiting. And He doesn’t have to try to squeeze you in on His Dayplanner. God is always there for you!

This ebook also includes BONUS goodies  – two of my articles on prayer, plus Session #2 of my 7-audio, bundle set on quiet time with God.  To learn more about my ebook Walking With God for sale for only $10.99, click here.



Beth, it was SO nice meeting you on the plane yesterday. Thank you so much for the book…I love it! It totally reiterates and reminds me of my realization from November that I need to spend that one on one daily, quiet time with God to listen. I love the way you emphasize intimacy and describe having a relationship with God in this way…it is perfect! You have a true gift.

Thanks again,
Dr. Sivi Helsel, D.C., and Isagenix wellness consultant



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