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What would Jesus blog?

Today I was thinking about the blogging craze, and I thought, “What would Jesus blog?” Here are some random thoughts that sprung to mind about Jesus’ blog, in the form of a to-do checklist:

1. Was talking, but nobody was listening.

2. Saved hundreds of thousands of sinners today out of misery, depression, hopelessness, fears, unforgiveness, drugs, alcoholism, religion, immorality. Angels had a big party up here to celebrate. More work to do ahead; time is so short.

3. Protected Mrs. Hutchins when semi-truck swerved into her lane and she was so busy texting Nina, that she did not even notice she almost had a date with God.

4. I wonder why Gary won’t repent; he’s just making his life so much harder than it needs to be and I have such great things ahead for him.

5. Spoke to President Obama’s heart about the solution to the financial crisis; really hope he listens and obeys. I love America and want her blessed.

6. Dispatched angels in Aquila, Italy during earthquake to protect people; am ready to comfort the families of those who have lost loved ones in the quake. I cry with them for their losses.

7. Saved baby using a salesman bystander, from a car ignited in a blast in Baghdad, which killed the baby’s mother and eight other people. I love using ordinary people to do extraordinary things, for My glory.

8. The religion and hypocrisy in my church sicknes me. No wonder the world doesn’t want anything to do with Me, if this is the way Christians act. My children need to repent and reflect Me. Faith in me is not about rules or religion; it’s about relationship.

9. Sarah is the cutest little girl; I just love when she prays those simple little prayers and I love answering them so quickly.

10. Andrea needs healing; I’m going to do a miracle for her.

11. I wish the Mathis couple would knock it off and stop fighting so much. I want them to love each other, and just have fun.

12. I have all the answers. Why doesn’t someone ask me?

13. Kelly noticed how pretty the sunset was. I made it just for her tonight.

14. This blogging thing is pretty cool. It’s another way to get the Word out how much I love people and want to spend eternity with them.



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  • Reply Christ Lives January 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I love Jesus, I wish their were a billion blogs like this one…Amen

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