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When life hurts, what do you do?

tear bottle

Right now I’m watching friends around me and they hurt. Really hurt. I feel so helpless and say things that must sound so trite: “I’ll pray for you.” “I’m sorry you’re hurting.” “Text or email me if you need to talk.”

Does any of this help with…

  • my friend whose brother is battling cancer and doctors have given him six months to live?
  • my friend whose wife told him she may want a divorce, after 15  years of marriage and having two beautiful sweet kids together?
  • my friend who’s still recovering from a nearly fatal wreck, who has a high calling on her life, but can’t go as fast as she wants in pursuing her purpose and working her online business?
  • my friend who’s going through a painful, slow divorce and is suddenly a single mom, having to adjust from a nearly 6 figure income to counting every penny?
  • my friend who juggles mothering three kids as a single mom, working fulltime, attending college fulltime, and is just wanting a Godly man to share life with and a Godly father for her children who won’t obey her?
  • my single friend who’s never been married and is afraid she won’t ever know the joy of marriage and children?
  • my married friend who is being drawn to a man who isn’t her husband, because she feels alone and lonely in her marriage?
  • my gifted, anointed friends who don’t know how wonderful they are and hold back in using their gifts to their fullest potential?

What do you do when life hurts? When you see those you love and they are hurting – and you feel so helpless to do anything about it?

It breaks my heart. It also makes me mad – at satan, who is wreaking havoc in believers’ lives because he knows time is so short.

But I know God is still in control, and He has collected all these tears in His bottle. He is God of the Angel Armies, battling on our behalf.

Trust in Him.

Keep looking up. Keep bending down in prayer.

Jesus is the Healer. Jesus is the Answer.



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