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You are Being Prepared

This morning I read Andrea Sharp‘s ezine and was encouraged by a story she shared in it about when she was a young adult and was hired to be a camp counselor at a kids’ camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She was excited about doing this. One day she was called into the office by her supervisor and was told that there were too many counselors for the amount of kids coming. Since she was the last counselor hired, she was being moved to another area of camp help -kitchen service.

She would prepare meals each day and wash the hundreds of plates, cups, and silverware. Andrea was embarrassed and humbled, and questioned God why she was having to wash disgusting dishes each day. But tremendous growth occurred in a place of humbleness. She began to enjoy the freedom she had with her position that she wouldn’t have had as a counselor, and met an amazing group of people that she worked with on the kitchen staff and on campus.

¬†She wrote: “Now looking back over that summer, I realize that God grew me in astounding ways.¬† It’s not the position that matters, but the heart behind it. No matter what job we may hold, whether¬†it be a¬†homemaker or a working woman, God desires that we embrace¬†this opportunity¬†and share joy in our sphere of influence.”

Maybe you’re not yet in the “position” you desire or have what you want yet. You’re now in a waiting room, being readied and refined by God for what’s ahead. Be patient during this humbling season of preparation. God is preparing you for exciting, great things to come. God also has you in a sphere of influence right now that is His desire for you today – a sphere unlike anyone else’s, an incredible opportunity that He has entrusted to you alone.

You may be a stay at home mom, helping your husband with his needs and homeschooling her children. Right now that is your realm of influence and it is not a light thing – but a great opportunity to minister to your husband and to sow into children’s souls and to raise disciples for Christ. You may be a website designer who does graphic design. That is your sphere of influence – your anointing and creativity coming from The Designer of the Universe.

You may be a writer, speaker, or life coach with just a handful of clients, wanting to grow your business to an international, membership-based organization. For now your five to 10 clients are where God has you, your very own “mission field,” using your spiritual gifts, talents, and skills to practically help, pray for, encourage and motivate others to become all God desires.

You’re not just washing dishes or working in a cubicle. You are in the right place at the right time right now – and you’re being prepared for great things to come!

“In the same way, the last will be first, and the first will be last, because many are called, but few are chosen.” – Matthew 20:16, ISV

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