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You get one shot

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

This past week I had an important meeting in Kansas City, MO, also known as the City of Fountains with over 200 fountains ( including the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain from Paris and the Meyer Circle Seahorse Fountain purchased in Venice, Italy). The beautiful fountains and the skyscraper buildings never cease to amaze me… nor the fact that I ALWAYS get lost going to and coming from Kansas City!

This trip I “stumbled upon” (i.e., got a little lost!) a quaint little coffee shop called Quay Coffee, noted where it was, and then came back later after my meeting to enjoy a cup of creamy latte’. Isn’t this just beautiful?


creamy latte’

 The shop had a mostly 20’s to 30’s college crowd, most on their laptops, cell phones, and Ipads, doing classwork. I longingly watched as two women (pictured front middle of the pic) were connecting in a deep conversation. The blonde-haired, slender woman with the ponytail (middle of pic) was focusing, writing at her laptop. The other students had books opened, poised at their laptops, probably preparing for class finals and ready for spring break!

20's-30's crowd at Quay Coffee Shop

20’s-30’s crowd at Quay Coffee Shop

But there were a few senior citizens with a cup of joe, reading newspapers. I enjoyed watching this older, grey-haired man with glasses by the large glass window, carefully observing and listening to people in the shop, writing by hand in a notebook, and relaxing, enjoying his coffee.

I felt as if we were kindred spirits..for only writers truly understand each other.

writer at Quay's Coffee Shop

writer at Quay’s Coffee Shop

“We don’t write because it is easy. Few of us find it all that easy. What we do find is that it is a  worthwhile and compelling effort. We get something intangible back from it, like the fight well fought. Through it we gain a larger understanding of the world around us.
We need to find ways to connect with other writers, if for no other reason to know that we are not alone and not crazy.” ~ Kindred Spirits: The Importance of Fellow Writers,

My latte’ was good to the last drop. How cliche’, but so very true.

The last drop

the last drop

The coffee shop had an outside sidewalk cafe’, too, where you could sit in the warm sun and fresh air and drink your coffee. I loved this! Reminds me so much of Paris.

sidewalk cafe

sidewalk cafe

I thought these glass coffee pots were pretty and made a great photo.

coffee pots

coffee pots

The shop also had a back room lounge area with comfy, black leather sofas, where you could sit and read, chat with friends, or simply enjoy your delicious cup of coffee. I enjoyed watching the staff make the coffee as customers came in. The employees had lots of energy, so they probably drink it all day long! 

Quay Coffee Shop

Quay Coffee Shop

There’s another outdoors coffee shop located right by Quay’s, that is so inviting, also.

Outdoors cafe'

Quaint outdoors cafe’

I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences…so I don’t feel that I really “got lost.” I believe God planned this special little surprise for me that day! I sat at one of the small tables and wrote awhile, sipping my creamy, hot latte’. It was very relaxing, a much needed reprieve in my busy week. I invite you to check out Quay Coffee shop the next time you visit Kansas City…let me know ahead of time and maybe we can meet up! 🙂

I snapped a pic of my pointy-toed shoes as I was walking back to the car. Are you walking in the shoes (purpose, mission, life assignment) that God has designed for you? Find out more about my Cinderella Signature Talk by clicking here.

Pointy toed shoes

Pointy toed shoes



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