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Sometimes it’s¬†beneficial to venture outside of our own blogging backyard, and read other blogs. One of my favorites is Problogger Darren Rowse, whose blogs and vlogs are always practical, informative, and often¬†entertaining.¬† Today’s vlog was not disappointing. He shared how he missed the¬†posts of a certain blogger which he loved, and found out that the reason she wasn’t blogging was because she had landed a job.¬†The original intent for starting her blog was to build her¬†profile, credibility, and potentially meet some employees.

Darren, who¬†had viewed¬†the lack of blogging as a possible “failure,”¬†said that maybe our blogs aren’t an “end all,” but¬† a stepping stone to help us¬†achieve our goals.

While my blog is definitely not an “end all,” it is a tool to reach out to others to encourage them in their life purpose and to pursue their passion, with the potential to reach many more people than I might¬†do¬†off-line. Those whom I have met online – my website’s subscribers,¬†the peers¬†in¬†my coaching classes,¬†my blog’s readers and podcast listeners,¬†readers who email me, have greatly enriched my life. ūüôā¬†

This blog is also a platform for my writing and speaking business, and it¬†has helped me to reach some goals so far – but I have many more to go! At the same time, I can’t allow this website/blogging to take over my entire life (refer to the Me, Myself, and Bob book by Phil Vischer on this one). ¬†

What about you?¬† What is the purpose for your blog and/or website?¬† Is it helping you to accomplish your¬†dreams or is it more of a fun hobby?¬†¬†Is your blog a temporary one to achieve a certain goal, or is it here to stay?¬† I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just leave your comments below.



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