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Are you stymied?

One of the ezines I receive in my inbox is Word of the Day from, to learn new words and use my brain more. 🙂 Today’s word of the day is stymie, and I wanted to share its meaning and a cup of encouragement and motivation with you.

stymie \STAHY-mee\, verb:

1. To hinder, block, or thwart.

1. Golf. (On a putting green) an instance of a ball’s lying on a direct line between the cup and the ball of an opponent about to putt.
2. A situation or problem presenting such difficulties as to discourage or defeat any attempt to deal with or resolve it.

This rule, and its corollary—admit nothing into the ambit of the characters’ consciousness which would not reasonably have been there—accounts for both the authenticity of Ulysses and much of its ability to stymie its readers.
— James Joyce, Jeri Johnson, “Introduction,” Ulysses

No, I won’t stymie you, but I could, real fast, you know that.
— Catherine Coulter, KnockOut

Stymie is of unknown origin. It came into common usage in the 1830s, before the rise of golf as a popular game.

***How are you stymied in your life purpose, in using your spiritual gifts?

What is hindering, blocking, or thwarting you from moving ahead in your life and succeeding, from achieving your big dreams?

I’ll be sharing about this in my free webinar on July 10 at 10 a.m. CST, Unveiled: Share Your Gifts. If you can’t attend the live event, there will be a replay and there will be a special bonus for those who attend it live. To secure your spot today or to learn more, just click here.



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