Celebrate your accomplishments

Do you celebrate your accomplishments, big or small? When you’ve achieved a dream or goal, do you reward yourself? 

Royal Gyros restaurant My lunch celebration

Lunch celebration at Royal Gyros restaurant

Yesterday, my husband Ray and I had a lunch date at Royal Gyros restaurant in Belton, MO, to celebrate a goal I’ve had over two years now, to get >all 10 of the books I’ve written on Amazon for Kindle! We had lamb, pita bread with hummus, Greek salad, and dolmades with tzatziki (creamy cucumber) sauce. It was so delicious!

My celebration lunch

My celebration lunch

Ray & me at celebration lunch

Ray & me at celebration lunch

Then we went by Home Depot for Ray to buy some paint and bolts to repair our front porch stair rail, and to HyVee to the bakery. I wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for a cheesecake dessert, but we couldn’t, so we went to HyVee, bought strawberry cheesecakes, and ate it in the diner. It was still good. Interestingly, the brand was “The Father’s Table.”

strawberry cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake

The cheesecake brand was "My Father's Table."

The cheesecake brand was “My Father’s Table.”

At Home Depot, I joked we should get glitter paint, and Ray said we should buy glow in the dark.(Ray settled for primer and flat black.) We had a divine appointment there in the check-out line, when the female cashier began talking to us about her brother, who used to be a cop and lost his job due to alcoholism. He’s now out of work. I asked his first name and told her we’d pray for him. She told us she’s a Christian and was very thankful to us. Always be open to how the Holy Spirit may be moving in your day-to-day life, using you for His glory.

Home Depot spray paints

Home Depot spray paints

The lunch was delicious and we had fun together. It’s so important to celebrate your accomplishments!

Me and my books in print;

Me and my books in print

I already have four of my books in print copy, and my new goal is to have all ten of them in print by next year.

Meanwhile, you can find my books for sale in my store at and at my Amazon Author Page at Please share on your social media sites with your family, friends, and biz peers! Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and prayers for me!




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