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Pay attention to signs from God

Insomnia Image source:

Image source:

Last night I had insomnia (again), tossing and turning all night long, so this morning I’m running on some good, hot coffee and am “loaded for bear,” as my friend Suzy Bunton often says. Later today I’m sure that I will crash, taking a nap, even though it’s advised not to take a nap if you have insomnia!


I just changed my website header to a sunflower and recently finished writing the third and final book of my non-fiction Metamorphosis book series, Transformed From Despair to Hope, available for sale at Amazon here.

This is the last book that God told me to write, which makes me very happy–because I obeyed God (for once!), doing what He said to do.

If I were to die today, I’d have peace knowing that I had completed the books God told me to write. My friend Stephanie asked does that mean I won’t be writing any more books?

If Jesus tarries and I live longer, probably not. I believe I’ll be writing books the rest of my life! What has God told you to do? Are you doing it? What is holding you back?

Me and my books in print;

Me & my books

For me, finishing writing the list of books that God spoke to me about is a HUGE accomplishment. I plan to celebrate soon by getting my hair done (trim, color, and blonde highlights)! Whenever you reach a goal, whether it’s big or small, I encourage you to reward yourself in at least some small way.

Maybe it’s a Starbucks coffee, savoring some chocolate, eating chips and salsa, having a tasty lunch or dessert with a friend, traveling to a new fun place, getting a mani or pedi, going for a walk on a nature trail or hiking a mountain, watching a chic flic, getting new Sharpie pens (or your fave brand), buying a cute pair of ripped jeans, taking a pottery class, or _______________ (you fill in the blank). Just be sure to celebrate your accomplishments!

My graphic designer at Fiverr, who I love, is pro_ebookcovers and she rocks! Below are all three book covers that she made for me for my butterfly Metamorphosis series–beautiful!

Book 1


Book 2


Metamorphosis: Transformed From Despair to Hope

Book 3

I love butterflies. For me, they are a powerful symbol–like the red male cardinal, the eagle, mourning doves, dolphins–of freedom and happiness. Whenever I see a butterfly or a red male cardinal (like I did yesterday outside the kitchen window, after tripping over a little girl right behind me in line at the store and badly skinning my knee; thank God she was okay!), I sense God’s Love for me and His presence.

red male cardinal Image source: Pinterest

red male cardinal
Image source: Pinterest

Usually I see a cardinal or butterfly on the worse days, and it always comforts me and lifts my spirits. These things are tangible signs to me that God loves me, He sees me, and He is here for me.

What signs do you see around you that speak to you about God and how much He cares for you?

The Bible shares about many signs from God:

  • The sign of the Messiah who would crush the serpent’s head and save sinners (Genesis 3:15);
  • The sign of the rainbow, of the covenant between God and the earth (Genesis 9:13);
  • The sign Gideon asked God for, of the fleece wet with dew and then the ground wet with dew (Judges 6;33-40);
  • The sign of the plagues on Egypt because Pharaoh’s heart hardened (Exodus 7-11);
  • The miraculous parting of the Red Sea, so God’s people the Jews could escape bondage and go to their Promise Land (Exodus 14:21);
  • An angel appearing to shepherds announcing Jesus’ birth and a host of angels praising God (Luke 2:8-20);
  • The prophets foretelling of the Messiah in the Old Testament;
  • Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding in Cana (John 2:11);
  • Jesus’ and the Apostles’ miracles (in the four Gospels and the book of Acts);
  • The signs in the end times, spoken of by Jesus and in the book of Revelation.
Jesus on the cross

Jesus on the cross

Although we shouldn’t base our lives and faith on outward, physical signs, they are important. Pay attention to signs and, like Mary the mother of Jesus, ponder these things in your heart. (Luke 2:19, 51)

Some signs you might notice are:

  • God’s still small voice;
  • Confirmation through God’s eternal word;
  • A billboard or car bumper sticker;
  • A hymn, worship, praise or other song on the radio;
  • Nature–the sun, the moon, a rainbow, the stars, the wind, a storm, fresh flowers, animals;
  • An encouraging rhema word someone speaks to you;
  • Something amazingly wise and startling that a child says to you (for of such is the Kingdom of God!);
  • A Divine appointment that is too interesting and timely to be just a coincidence!

“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14)


Celebrate your accomplishments

Do you celebrate your accomplishments, big or small? When you’ve achieved a dream or goal, do you reward yourself? 

Royal Gyros restaurant My lunch celebration

Lunch celebration at Royal Gyros restaurant

Yesterday, my husband Ray and I had a lunch date at Royal Gyros restaurant in Belton, MO, to celebrate a goal I’ve had over two years now, to get >all 10 of the books I’ve written on Amazon for Kindle! We had lamb, pita bread with hummus, Greek salad, and dolmades with tzatziki (creamy cucumber) sauce. It was so delicious!

My celebration lunch

My celebration lunch

Ray & me at celebration lunch

Ray & me at celebration lunch

Then we went by Home Depot for Ray to buy some paint and bolts to repair our front porch stair rail, and to HyVee to the bakery. I wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for a cheesecake dessert, but we couldn’t, so we went to HyVee, bought strawberry cheesecakes, and ate it in the diner. It was still good. Interestingly, the brand was “The Father’s Table.”

strawberry cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake

The cheesecake brand was "My Father's Table."

The cheesecake brand was “My Father’s Table.”

At Home Depot, I joked we should get glitter paint, and Ray said we should buy glow in the dark.(Ray settled for primer and flat black.) We had a divine appointment there in the check-out line, when the female cashier began talking to us about her brother, who used to be a cop and lost his job due to alcoholism. He’s now out of work. I asked his first name and told her we’d pray for him. She told us she’s a Christian and was very thankful to us. Always be open to how the Holy Spirit may be moving in your day-to-day life, using you for His glory.

Home Depot spray paints

Home Depot spray paints

The lunch was delicious and we had fun together. It’s so important to celebrate your accomplishments!

Me and my books in print;

Me and my books in print

I already have four of my books in print copy, and my new goal is to have all ten of them in print by next year.

Meanwhile, you can find my books for sale in my store at and at my Amazon Author Page at Please share on your social media sites with your family, friends, and biz peers! Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and prayers for me!


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First draft of my 1st fiction book done, woot!

Storm Tossed

I’m so excited! 

Woot! Above is the beautiful cover. I chose the image at Istock and then had a graphic designer create the ecover for Amazon.

My  husband Ray loves to read fiction books and has been encouraging me, a non-fiction author, to write fiction for years! Today he told me he is very proud of me for finally doing this.

Of course, I still have to edit (and edit, and edit) and do the re-writing; do keyword and category research on Amazon; hire the formatter; and get it uploaded to Amazon. My goal is to have all this done by July 1, 2015. You can hold me accountable! 🙂

But this was a HUGE accomplishment. At lunchtime, I went out to celebrate, eating Mexican lunch (chicken fajitas with queso cheese sauce). The chips and salsa were especially delicious today.

Celebrating with chips and salsa!

Celebrating with chips and salsa!

Chicken fajitas

Chicken fajitas

I still have lots to do before the eBook launch at Amazon, but I’m so pumped about this!

Be sure to celebrate your accomplishments, big and small!