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Just 3 days of fall and God’s long range plans for you

This week it’s actually become cold in Missouri and I commented to Ray as we lay in bed last night, “Isn’t that strange? It got cold so quick!” Ray said no, that isn’t strange, that this happens every year here in Missouri, and every year I say to him how strange it is —he said that Missouri has just 3 days of fall.

He said one day the leaves are changing beautiful colors and the next day it’s 40 degrees with a forecast of snow. That made me laugh and I have laughed every time I think of Ray saying that: “Missouri has just 3 days of fall.” He despises cold weather, especially snow – mostly because he’s the one who has to work out in the freezing snow and ice on car accident scenes as a paramedic, while Leah and I get to enjoy looking out the window at the pretty snow, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in the toasty warmth of our home.

Sometimes it seems like the seasons of our life are SO long. We become impatient and wonder if those big dreams in our heart will ever come to pass. Other seasons in our lives feel like “just 3 days of fall,” and  pass so quickly, like our children growing up and all too soon we have an empty nest. Whatever season you’re in right now, God has a great plan for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11) You are in the right season as long as you are trusting and obeying God!

Tonight I read in Ephesians 1:1-14. I want to share some excerpts from it:

“How blessed is God! And what a blessing He is! He’s the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long ago before he laid down earth’s foundation, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!)”

“Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, his blood poured out on the altar of the Cross, we’re a free people – free of penalties and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free. He thought of everything, provided for everything we could possibly need, let us in on the plans he took such delight in making. He set it all out before us in Christ, a long-range plan in which everything would be brought together and summed up in him, everything in deepest heaven, everything on planet earth.”

It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s recap this:

  • You have high places of blessings in Him.
  • You are the focus of His love, made whole and holy by His love.
  • You are free.
  • You are not just free, but abundantly free!
  • Whatever season you’re in right now, God has a long-range plan for your life – and it’s going to be good!

In this week’s post I shared how God is preparing you for great things. It’s in Christ that you find out who you are and what you are living for.  Seek Him.



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