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Keep a success log

Today I read an encouraging post in one of the ezines I’m subscribed to. Here’s what it said:

If you pay more attention to the progress you’re making than the progress you’re NOT making, you’ll find yourself feeling much more positive and self-assured.Celebrate small victories: If you focus ONLY on the big goal at the finish line, you will miss out on many moments of joy and satisfaction between now and then.

Make a point of celebrating the small victories you achieve on a daily basis. Did you face a fear and take action anyway? Did you set aside time to work on your goals? Have you been working consistently on building a more positive outlook? Feel good about it! Allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment about even the smallest forward strides.

Enjoy the process: Imagine taking a trip around the world and keeping your eyes closed the entire time. What would you miss? What would be the point of taking a trip like that in the first place if you didn’t bother to take in the beauty around you?

“Take a trip.” Look at your life and your successes this year. What have you accomplished in the last six months? We tend to look at what we haven’t done. We compare ourselves to others, and sometimes it’s because we’re not surrounding ourselves with positive, faith-filled people.

One way you can motivate yourself to do what God’s called you to do in your business or ministry is a suggestion that my mentor Diane Cunningham made this week on a call: keep a success log. Write down the things you have accomplished so far this year. What scary new thing have you tried and done? Did you write an ebook? Make a video? Begin a newsletter to your subscribers? Do a webinar or teleseminar? Attend a Facebook or Twitter party? Host a Twitter party (my goal!)?

Have you lost weight or started exercising? Write it down. Did you go on a missions trip, like my friends Ron and Rhonda Hedrick in Guatamala and my friend Alma Jones in Uganda, Africa? Our daughter Heather and I are planning a two day missions trip to Joplin, MO in August with her church to help the tornado victims there, and I can’t wait to go. I’ve been praying for the people whose homes have been destroyed there and who have lost family members and friends.

Did you make the dean’s list in your college studies? (Woot, my sister Maria!) Keep a journal of the things you have successfully accomplished this year.

The enemy wants you to focus on your weaknesses or your “failures.” God wants you to have confidence in and trust Him, and to see how you are making a difference in the lives of others with His help and His anointing. Get a journal today and begin making a success log, giving God the praise! Celebrate those victories. Go to dinner with your spouse or your friends, to celebrate those successes. Cheers!



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