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New sunflower theme

It’s Friday evening, sunset. Today hasn’t been super busy, but steady. I dropped off Ray at work early (we have one car), had my morning joe with prayer and reading the Bible, petted my black cat Natalya a long time, then walked and slow jogged at the track.

Our adorable grandson Jacob

Our adorable grandson Jacob

This afternoon I picked up our grandson Jacob and dropped him off at our daughter Eden’s house, hung out with her chatting a bit (watching Piper eat a slice of pizza and Willow sitting up in her baby chair & gooing), and then came home to dry a load of laundry as Eden’s dryer broke yesterday! Not something she needs right now, having just started a new job, with a baby, an active toddler who loves getting into everything, and her sweet but rambunctious son who gets easily bored when not at school!

Craig & Eden

Craig (Eden’s husband & our son-in-law) & our middle daughter Eden


Eden & Piper

Eden & her “busy bee” toddler daughter, Piper


Eden & Willow

Eden & her baby girl Willow

This week I tackled my email inbox, which is quite a feat; emails had snowballed and I became overwhelmed trying to deal with them! I deleted and filed over 17,500 emails, and archived the rest to get emails down to zero. Now I can rest my mind!

Today I also changed my website theme at I do this whenever I feel restless, bored, frustrated, or any number of emotions. At least it’s better than eating too much chocolate!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

I chose a beautiful sunflower picture for my website header, after writing my most recent book that has a cover of a sunflower and an orange butterfly. You can find that book here at Amazon.¬†(It’s called¬†Metamorphosis: Transformed From Despair to Hope)

Sunflowers track the sun. The flower buds and young blossoms will face east in the morning and follow the sun as the earth moves during the day. Even so, may you and I always lift our faces toward and follow the Son and the Light, Jesus. He is the King & is coming soon.



The navigation is a little different than my last theme, but you can find the main pages at the top of the page.

woman drinking juice

woman on laptop

To read my latest blog posts, click on “Blog” at the top of the page, or look on the right sidebar, scrolling down a little until you see “Recent Blog Posts.”

You can connect with me other places online with the social media icons on the right sidebar, my links on the sidebar “Other Places Beth is online” (such as my Podcast), and catch my Instagram pics on the sidebar as well.¬†

As always, if you have any questions or comments, are interested in hiring me as a speaker for your women’s conference or online event, or have a question about my books or online trainings, you can contact me here.

Beth Jones, International Speaker Amazon Best Seller Author

Beth Jones, International Speaker
Amazon Best Seller Author


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Repurpose content for your audios & videos

Are you a speaker, author, or entrepreneur and do you have a vault full of audios and videos with valuable content, and you’re wondering what you should do with them? Repurpose them!

The definition of repurpose is “to adapt for use in a different purpose.”

On my scope tonight, I shared three ways you can repurpose your audios and videos, which are listed below. (You can follow me on Periscope @bethmjones.)

  • Have your audios or videos transcribed and turn them into a blog post or ¬†article at your website or for an article directory. Stumped over what to blog about this week or what topic to write on for an article? Listen to your audios from a webinar or a telecall, or your videos on YouTube, and repurpose the content to post a new blog or blog series at your website or blog. You can also expand on the content to write a new article. I’ve submitted some articles at Ezine Articles. There are thousands of article directories on the web.¬†
  • Have your audios or videos transcribed, save it as a downloadable PDF, and give it away as a freebie to your website subscribers or for new ¬†subscribers or for a JV (Joint Venture project with a business peer) for their list or followers. Give away your best content to your subscriber list–not “fluff.” You should treat your list as GOLD–they should have your very best offerings and be the first “in the know” about your events, books published, Facebook or Twitter parties, etc. Same thing when a business peer asks if you have anything to give away for their webinar or other virtual (or live) event. Think of how a chocolate store might give away free samples of their finest chocolates. You want to give your best and have your people coming back for more goodies!¬†
  • Have the audios or videos transcribed and write a short eBook or expand on it for a longer book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble online. I took my signature talk that I use to speak at women’s conferences, and wrote my Amazon Best Seller eBook, The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes. You can take your audios and videos and write your own books or book series! Did you know that Amazon loves book series and even begins to promote your books for you if they¬†do well?

These are just three tips to repurpose your audios and videos. I’m now offering transcription and VA (virtual assistance) services here at

If you’d like assistance¬†with transcribing your audios and videos to repurpose their content, contact me here.¬†If you know others who might be interested, please share about my transcription/VA services. I’d love to help!


Give all, give now

“Writing is its own reward.” ‚Äď Henry Miller

I love to write. I’ve been writing since I was a child. In junior high school, I wrote in my diary about the “dreamy” blue-eyed boy, Gary, who I had a crush on or the kind of “modern” house I wanted to have when I grew up, how I loved my cat Tabby and how much I wanted a horse.

My dresser

My dresser where I wrote and hid my stories

I’d write fiction short stories, then hide them in my dresser drawer. My sister Maria would sneak into my bedroom, read them, and we’d fight, even though it should have been a compliment. I’d throw her Barbie doll, she’d scratch me with her long fingernails, and we’d both get into trouble by our parents. Today she is one of my biggest fans, for which I’m grateful.¬†

Today I’m the author of eight books, and am writing three more. The one I’m working on currently is my first fiction book, Storm Tossed.

Storm Tossed ecover Copyright 2015 Beth Jones

Storm Tossed ecover
Copyright 2015 Beth Jones

My husband Ray has been encouraging me a long time to write fiction. Since I’ve never written one before, it’s treading new water and a little scary. But he feels it will “stretch” me as a writer.¬†

I believe I’ll be writing books, articles, and blogs for the rest of my life. Annie Dillard wrote, ‚ÄúDo not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book, or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now.‚ÄĚ

No, I don’t want to hoard words. I couldn’t anyway.¬†I have to write; it’s innate, an obsession and a compulsion.

Yeah, I can break up with writing, tell it that I’m just done and so over it, but eventually I come back. It’s like word crack.



I believe writing is a gift God has given me, a treasure, and it’s not for me or about me. As the prophet Jeremiah said, “his word burns in my heart like a fire.¬†It‚Äôs like a fire in my bones!¬†I am worn out trying to hold it in!¬†I can‚Äôt do it!”

Yes, a fire. At times the embers die, but when I fan them into flame, they ignite.

Words are a force and contain great power, like rocket fuel taking astronauts into an unexplored part of space like Mars-or like a 100-foot-wave tsunami that slams into a village, killing thousands. 

Sometimes the writing is powerful, stark, slices right through someone’s heart, making a deep but needed wound to impart¬†truth that you don’t really want to hear.¬†

Other times, it bounces off the heart, like a neon-yellow, Wilson tennis ball. Flat. Boring. Inefficacious as wilted iceberg lettuce for a lunch salad. 

But still,¬†I can’t imagine a life without writing. Writing is life.¬†

art-woman writing

art-woman writing

I’m participating in the writing contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life, hosted by Positive Writer.

Writing means freedom for me.

As I write, I learn about myself more. What I think, what I feel. What has happened in my life.¬†And I heal more. Sometimes sharing my pain and struggles heals others, God’s grace droplets.

woman in rain

woman in rain

Writing gives me a brave, if shaking, voice when I feel so small and afraid. It empowers me to share my story. And others’ powerful stories.

Ultimately, writing is telling God’s story, through my hands.¬†

Use me

Use me

Hands open to receive and give life,encouragement, inspiration~and truth. Including what hurts, what angers, what violates, what seems just senseless.

Life is beautiful and sacred, but often very messy and gut-wrenching painful at times. We don’t understand it all. We can’t figure it out.¬†

Nor should we. That’s God’s job. Ultimately He’s in control in the driver’s seat. We have to trust Him, and know that no matter what has happened or will happen, He is good and has good plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11).¬†

woman writing on laptop in ocean

woman writing on laptop in ocean

But we as writers can write.

Writing helps us to get through life. Crying. Laughing. Coping. Overcoming. Inspiring.

Writing heals. Writing empowers.

Writing sets free. 

Writing is beautiful.

Writing is a precious gift, to be unwrapped, opened, and enjoyed by you, me, others, like a sweet red wine and a thick, juicy prime rib steak. Or like a newborn, innocent baby, whose smile just melts us. 

Don’t hoard your words. They matter too much. Give, give all, give now, as Annie Dillard wrote.¬†

Never stop. Keep writing.