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Secrets To Ultimate Productivity retreat next week!

Are you needing some encouragement to fulfill your dreams and to get your goals and resolutions done this year? That is the theme of Cindy Rushton’s Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club special retreat, Secrets To Ultimate Productivity. The retreat is this Thursday, February 17, and Friday, February 18. You’ll get great workshops, free doorprizes, friendship connections, and lots of fun.

I will be speaking Thursday, February 17, at 3:30 p.m. CST, and would love to see you there!  My topic will be Do The Next Thing. I’ll be sharing about my personal challenging journey, learning this important principle in 2010. Cindy has a line-up of anointed speakers who will be such a blessing to you!  Want to find out more?

From Cindy Rushton’s desk….

Kicked off another big year? OR, just got busy with yet another year, doing the same-old-same-old? Reaching your resolutions or are they collecting dust yet again? Running the race or running in circles? Don’t even want to talk about reaching for your dreams right now?

Finding yourself just a bit….

Busy? Stressed? A bit tired and weary? Life spinning right now? Feeling distracted? Sick of the constant chaos, distractions, and crisis situation? Already had too many days that are totally unproductive? Boy, do I understand! And, you are NOT alone!

Sweet friend, do you know what the numbers are? Have you heard the stats on setting resolutions? Peek at these…

Setting Resolutions…
40-45% of all American adults make one or more resolutions each year.

38% absolutely do not set resolutions.

30% of “resolutioners” have “scaled back” their resolutions.

Now, look at how it goes…
25% will ditch their resolutions within the first week of the year.

An addition 11% or 36% total will drop their resolutions by the end of January.

Only 12% WILL achieve their resolutions with 8% achieve their resolutions every year.

24% (ONE IN FOUR) have never reached their resolutions.

Find yourself in there? If you are like so many others, you began this year wanting something MORE. Maybe you counted down to this year hoping for some changes and wishing that you could get on track toward your dreams. It is NOT TOO LATE! In fact, this is the perfect time for us to pull aside and evaluate what IS getting done, what we want to get done, and how we are going to get what really matters done this year.

We ALL need the accountability.

We ALL need the time of evaluation.

We ALL need that shot of encouragement and inspiration.

And, we ALL need friends to come alongside of us and show us how to get it all done!

Sweet friend, are you where you want to be? Are you getting things done? Well, are you getting the things done that you want to get done? Are you constantly battling the STUFF? Busy all of the time, but are you PRODUCTIVE? Stuck and have no idea how to get moving?

This is the seminar just for you!

Let Cindy and her friends take you by the hand and share her secrets to ULTIMATE productivity. If you have known Cindy for any amount of time, you have probably seen how she amazes everyone who peeks into her life, business, homeschool– well…everything that she does! She brings a new meaning to productivity–ULTIMATE productivity.

Not to mention, you should meet the line-up of friends who are joining her this month for this seminar…

Laura Lee Sparks

Laura Lee Sparks–Wife, mom, Productivity coach, founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Maven and homeschool mom. Laura Lee will be speaking on the topic: Looking at the Big Picture. Maybe you have struggled with getting things done in your busy life. Maybe one day you get things done with the children, but you find yourself totally spent and unable to balance time with your spouse. OR, maybe you are doing an amazing job with your business, but there is nothing left for your husband, your children, much less YOU. You MUST HEAR this session. Laura Lee has a way of gently troubleshooting with us so we can get the big picture. This session is going to set you on fire! Don’t miss it! Until then, get to know Laura Lee at: and

Gerri Helms

Gerri Helms–Wife, mom, grandmother, author, speaker, Life Coach. Gerri will be speaking on the topic: Time: Managing the Unmanageable! I know, you bought that planner and got everything lined up and ready-to-go, but that planner is long-gone and collecting dust. Yes, scheduling always sound wonderful, but just does NOT work for you? Well, this session is going to be an answer to your prayers! In this session, Gerri Helms will take you by the hand and show you how she uses her own Daytimer step by step. She will show you her system for highlighting what is done, evaluating what is left to do (do it or ditch it), estimating how long tasks will really take, and even how to anticipate delays. You will love this session! Gerri always shares practical resources that you can find online. Plus, she always shows us how to use what we have–those free programs collecting dust on our computers. If you have never joined her for a session, you will not want to miss this one because after her workshop, she will take your questions either through our chat room or by phone so she can help you to apply this session. Don’t miss it! And, until then you can get to know her at: (*Don’t miss her amazing blog!) and

Beth Jones

Beth Jones–Wife, mom, grandmother, speaker, author, and homeschool mom. Beth will be speaking on the topic, Do the Next Thing! Are you struggling to get the next “do” on your long to-do list done today? Do you need more clarity in your goals? Are you feeling frustrated and stressed out with all you need to get done – and you can’t quite get there? Is perfectionism holding you back from good relationships or in the success you desire? Well, you have come to the right place! Join Beth Jones, one of our most popular speakers, for her encouraging presentation, Do The Next Thing! In this talk, Beth is sharing some of her challenging journey over the last year, learning this important principle. You’ll be encouraged and inspired! You will love getting to know Beth. She has an amazing website with a blog and AWESOME podcast that you can find at:

Susan Scott

Susan Scott–Wife, mom, speaker, author, Life and Leadership Counselor, Certified Personalities Trainer, Leadership Coach, homeschool mom. Susan will be speaking on the topic: 7 Secrets to Spiritual Fitness. Another power-packed session! Join favored speaker, Susan Scott as she shares 7 Steps to Spiritual Fitness which lead us to be fruitful and productive, not just busy. In this session, Susan digs into Colossians 1:9-12. She teaches us how WE can master those 7 steps and become spiritually fit to hear His voice and follow His will for our lives so our days WILL be productive, not just busy. This is going to be a life-changing session that you will not want to miss! OH! When you join us live for this session or grab a ticket, you will receive Susan’s companion eBook on this topic as her special gift. You will LOVE it! And, until then get to know Susan online at: She has an incredible site full of great articles, freebies, and incredible products that you will LOVE!

Cindy Rushton

And, Cindy Rushton–Wife, mom, grandmother, author, speaker, business coach, and homeschool mom. Cindy will be speaking on several topics during this seminar: Secrets to Ultimate Productivity, Trash, Trinkets or Treasures: Making Time for What Really Matters to You, Stuck? Get UP and Get MOVING, and Make TODAY Count! These sessions are all fresh and new! Cindy has been called the “Queen of Productivity.” Not only does she seem to balance it ALL, but while she does it all, she has been the most prolific writer and speaker that you will find. In her workshops during this seminar, you are going to get a peek into all of her secrets to ultimate productivity that are normally only shared with her business coaching clients. Oh! Don’t think, “But, I don’t have a business….” Remember, Cindy has been CEO of her business without letting that business steal away her time and energy being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and ministry leader. You are going to LOVE her sessions. Don’t miss even one! Get to Know Cindy online at:,,,,

SO, are you ready to learn the secrets to ultimate productivity? Want to learn how to get more done–well, more of the things that really matter done? Well, don’t miss this event!
There are three ways to join us for this exciting event! You can find out more information by clicking here.


Beth’s note:  I have FIVE free tickets for this event. Stay tuned for more information soon how you can get one!



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