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I dreamed of T-Rex dinosaurs; what are you running from?

T-Rex and Triceratops dinosaurs

T-Rex and Triceratops dinosaurs

Last night I dreamed of dinosaurs. Some other people and I were in the claws of a giant T-Rex. He was asleep, and we escaped and began running into buildings for safety as he woke up.

The T-Rex and another T-Rex then began chasing other people and other dinosaurs. He was attacking one dinosaur to eat it when I woke up. 

The picture above is of our daughter Leah’s dinosaurs. She used to love dinosaurs and dinosaur cartoons like The Land Before Time with Littlefoot and Cera. Cera used to be SO annoying because she screamed so much from the evil Sharptooth T-Rex chasing them! But Leah loved the show. That year I gave her a dinosaur-themed birthday party. (The Jurassic Park movie is one of our family favorites.)

Video of Littlefoot dinosaur meeting Cera:

Although I laughed when I woke up this morning remembering my T-Rex dinosaurs dream, and the toy dinosaurs above don’t look frightening, at the time  my dream was scary.

I believe the T-Rex dinosaurs represent fear. What are you running from?

  • God?
  • Your purpose or calling?
  • Writing a book?
  • Fear of failure or fear of success?
  • A troubled marriage or relationship with your child, an in-law, a boss, a co-worker, a friend?
  • Debt/financial struggles?
  • A health scare?
  • The frightening news each day, like about Isis?
  • Something terrible happening to your children or grandchildren?
  • Never achieving your dream(s)?
  • Your life not mattering or making a difference?

Whatever it is that you’re running from, God doesn’t want you afraid. Here are 2 encouraging Scriptures for you today:

“If you will humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, in His good time, He will lift you up. Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.”–1 Peter 5:6-7, TLB

“When I am afraid, I will trust You.”–Psalm 56:3

You can watch the replay of my scope about this dream at by clicking here.


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Writers’ avoidance

woman writing

woman writing

Writers love to write, but sometimes they avoid writing. They do everything under the sun but write. 

For example, I have a looming deadline from my writing/business coach Shelley Hitz in her Beta Author Audience Academy‘s coaching program.

I have to FINISH my new eBook by the end of THIS week! I knew it was coming up fast, but didn’t realize the deadline was so soon!

Yesterday, I was a little freaked out about this and so not inspired to write. So what did I do? I winded up watching an action movie on Netflix. (I don’t even like action movies!)

See what I mean? Writers’ avoidance. And I’m not even a procrastinator-I hate procrastination!

This morning I awoke extra early, very determined to get it done, and posted this on Facebook: “Up and at ’em early. Much to do today! Let’s see how much I can knock out before noon with God’s help, guidance, and anointing.”

Facebook post - at 'em

Facebook post – at ’em

It started out fast. Cooked an egg and the bacon in the Foreman’s Grill, went by the bank, paid a small debt OFF (Praise God!), mailed letters, wrote a speaking presentation, and then I went to Mexican lunch with our daughter Leah. (Mexican food seems to resolve most problems!) Now I’m back home, and trying NOT to slow down -or to avoid writing again!

Staying busy, spending too much time on social media, reworking your website pages, and web surfing are other ways writers avoid writing. Here’s some starting ideas to help you with writing avoidance.

I can’t wait to share the eBook with you, though (once it’s written and published!) I took an informal survey on my Facebook page offering a couple of book topics, and it was unanimous from my friends/peeps.  Shoes won! The eBook will be on my signature talk topic: The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes. 

Based on the beloved fairy tale of Cinderella (whose story I relate to a lot), it’s about God not creating you to fit in, but to stand out.

God set you apart and made you to be a woman of influence and impact! Just as the Prince chose Cinderella to be his beautiful, radiant bride, Jesus your Prince has chosen you to be His. Walk in your own unique glass slippers – your Divine purpose and calling. 

Okay, now to finish this eBook!