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My interview on Women of Grace in the Marketplace radio show

Beth Jones, International Speaker & Author

Beth Jones, International Speaker & Author

Recently I was interviewed on the Women of Grace in the Marketplace radio show about my speaking, writing, and traveling to other nations.

The show date was changed and it airs tomorrow, Sunday, October 31, 2021, at 11 a.m. Central Time (12 noon Eastern Time). I hope you can tune in. It is a pre-recorded interview and you can listen at the website link below, or you can hear it on Alexa or Google smart speakers.

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5 tips to stay motivated to achieve this year’s dreams and goals


There are 156 days left until December 31, 2021 (22 weeks and 2 days). How are you doing on reaching your dreams and goals? What is stopping or hindering you?

Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated for the rest of this year to achieve success.

Spend quiet time with God first thing. Whether that is the morning when you first wake up (perhaps with your coffee), during your lunch break, on a walk or run, or late at night before you go to sleep, take time to be alone with Jesus, praying, reading the Bible, and worship/praise so you can get His instructions and wisdom for you and those you love.

What is God’s priority for you today? Ask Him and then do that! Get quiet and intently listen to His still, small voice. Let Him be your GPS and your motivator for your life and to help you succeed in your dreams and goals. 

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Our trip to Grand Canyon to celebrate Leah’s college graduation

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Our youngest daughter Leah graduated this year (in spring 2021) from college with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Graphic Design. My husband Ray and our family are so proud of her for this huge accomplishment! Ray and I have rarely been able to take our children on vacation throughout the years, due to the expensive cost. But because Ray and I received our stimulus checks this year, we were able to travel to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon to celebrate Leah’s graduation. What an amazing blessing from God!

Ray, me, and Leah at Grand Canyon

Ray, me and Leah at Grand Canyon entrance

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