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The waiting is the hardest: 6.1 aftershock in Haiti

Pile of rubble in streets of Haiti

This morning our daughter Heather phoned me to let me know that her husband Kyle had called her as he was driving to work, and told her there was a magnitude -6.1 earthquake aftershock about 6 a.m. today in Haiti.  I encouraged her that God has his hand on Ray, Shawn and pastor Jay, and prayed. 

Since then I have tried numerous times to call and text message Ray on his cell phone, and I just get his voice mail. It’s likely he has no service there. I also emailed him and checked his Facebook status throughout the day. Even in normal circumstances, Haiti’s internet service is unpredictable.

So I wait, and I pray. The waiting is the hardest.  I feel a peace, and believe they are okay.

I will give you an update as soon as I hear something. Meanwhile, please continue to pray for God to supply water, food, and medical supplies to the people devastated by the earthquake and for their protection.

I am so concerned over the lack of supplies and sufficient medical care, the way the dead bodies are being thrown into mass graves with no dignity at all, and over all the amputations being done on people who only have broken bones, for the reason of “infection.”  No, I am not there and am certainly not an M.D., but it alarms me. It seems amputations are being done so quickly and recklessly.

I am praying there will be no more aftershocks or earthquakes, for violence and murder to cease, for speedy healing of the people who are injured, for God’s protection over everyone there, and for supplies to get immediately in there to aid the Haitian people and the workers.

Thank you for your continual prayers. I am going to bed now, resting in Psalm 23:2, “He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.”  Hopefully I will hear from Ray tonight or tomorrow.



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