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We need hope

The death toll has now risen to 9 dead, and the people of the USA and even the world are anxiously waiting news for a miracle of survivors from the tragic Champlain Towers condominium collapse in Miami, Florida. Survivors and their family members of the USA’s 9-11 attack grimly remember that horrifying day as they watch the news about the condo. In the midst of this new tragedy, we’re also dealing with the Coronavirus (and the Delta variant), outbreaks driving some places back under new lockdowns, and other frightening news like the  extreme heat wave across the western United States.

It seems like there is so much bad news now, which is why I rarely even read it any more. I read just enough every few days to know what is going on in the world for prayer/intercessory purposes. 


We need GOOD NEWS and HOPE.

As my author friend Sheryl Griffin writes, there is always hope through Jesus Christ. 

Keep hoping, trusting God, and praying. Stay in God’s eternal word daily and meditate on it. This will give you fresh hope and encouragement each day. 

Take time to worship and praise God each day. He is worthy!

And keep looking up for Jesus’ soon return. Our redemption draws near!  (Luke 21:28)


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Metamorphosis: Transformed From Despair to Hope

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