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You have personal access to God

Beth Jones

This week a friend of mine invited me to visit a new church she found in Lee’s Summit because they were having guest speaker Bob Sorge. Several years ago I’d heard him teach, and I couldn’t wait to listen to him again. He runs very deep in the Lord, like a deep well of water. At the beginning of the service, I just soaked up the great worship there, especially the song How He Loves (originally sung by the David Crowder band).  It’s such a blessing to have corporate worship with other believers in Christ!

Mr. Sorge delivered an incredible presentation on 1 Samuel 17:54 about Joab taking the stronghold of Zion. This teaching is included in his book Opened From The Inside.  The teaching challenged me: am I willing to do whatever it takes, even laying down my own life, to follow Christ?

I was also surprised and delighted to see several friends there, who I hadn’t seen in awhile. We hugged each other’s necks – it’s awesome how God orchestrates things!

Afterward I spent the day in Lee’s Summit doing our Christmas shopping, taking time at Borders book store for a gingerbread-spice latte’ with whipped cream, that came with a cute little gingerbread man on top of the cream.  🙂  I’m almost through with Christmas shopping, and just have to wrap the presents now.

Several times today – on the radio, at church – I heard the scripture on how the veil was torn in the temple by God when Christ died, and the torn veil was symbollic of  there being no more barrier between us and the Lord. We now have full access to Him. (Ephesians 3:12)

No one has to petition God on our behalf; we don’t have to confess our sins to anyone and do penance for our sins.  We can approach God with confidence through Christ’s finished work on the Cross and the power of His blood that He shed for us. What Jesus did for us was God’s love gift to all of humanity – greater than any Christmas gift we could ever give or receive!

Today you have personal access to the God of the Universe, whatever your need is. Come to Him freely. He’s waiting just for you!


Want to learn more about having access to God and spending time with Him each day?  Click here.

Video of How He Loves by David Crowder band



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