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Just enough light

snowwoman speaker

snowwoman speaker

At the end of each year, I take time to reflect on the past year and to pray about the upcoming year for God’s protection, direction, and blessings on me and my family. Today when Ray asked what my plans were for the day as we ate the yummy Reuben sandwiches I cooked for lunch, I told him, “To pray about 2015.” He and Leah both just looked at me and asked, “That’s it?” I answered, “Yes, and you should, too.” 🙂 We all need God’s guidance for the coming year.   

As I prayed and journaled in our front entry room, I had what I believe was a “breakthrough aha moment.” Lately, I’ve felt very frustrated, discouraged, and upset that God hasn’t been “speaking clearly” to me about what I’m supposed to do lately and in 2015:

  • Do I continue my speaking/writing business and ministry in 2015?
  • Do I get a J-O-B outside the home to bring in more consistent, regular income? (A question many entrepreneurs ask themselves)
  • Do I do both? Get a J-O-B outside the home, while still working on my online biz, as many women do?
  • Do I continue staying still and praying for God’s wisdom and direction?

Today I believe God told me to just trust and obey Him. That might not seem like a lightning-bolt moment to you, but it was an epiphany for me!

As I was reflecting, God reminded me of how the last several years, He had opened doors for me to speak and go new places or do different things – “surprises” I hadn’t even expected, such as:

As I prayed, I realized again that God had opened every door for me to speak, given me the words to write each book, provided money for every trip I took, protected me and my family, and provided for every need our family had.

God was in control. So why was I trying to figure out everything? He had already gone ahead of me to 2015!

He will open the doors He wants (and close the ones He doesn’t want for me). He will protect me and my family. He will provide and bless as I (and my family) walk in obedience to Him.

As I prayed and journaled, I wrote down these few goals. I’m sure God has much more in store for me – more surprises I’m not even expecting!

  • I’m still in a season of rest. Keep praying for wisdom and direction.
  • Continue marketing my speaking and writing online business. Take marketing and sales classes.
  • Keep teaching our youngest daughter Leah how to cook and other life skills to prepare her for adulthood and “flying the nest.”
  • Spend time with God and family. Love God and others. At the end of the day, it’s about loving as God loves.
  • Try new things. Travel new places.
  • Send Ray to Bora Bora (his dream place).
  • Coach my clients with excellence.
  • Take a pottery wheel class. When I finish, do my pottery webinar, that I planned to do two years ago!
  • Enroll Leah in some type of art class(es).
  • Save as much money as possible (Ray and I aren’t very good at this!).
  • Eat healthy and take care of me.
  • Use my spiritual gifts and encourage others to use their gifts.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Continue marketing myself as a speaker/author, as well as applying for a part-time job outside the home. God will open the doors He desires. 

 What about you? What are your goals, resolutions, dreams, and plans for 2015?

Remember God is already there! Leave your comments below.

“My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” – Exodus 33:14

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My birthday poem

Me & author/speaker  Anita Andreas

Me & author/speaker Anita Andreas

Today is day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today’s blog post suggestion was to let people in on your life, sharing pictures. 

My author/speaker friend IRL (in real life) Anita Andreas, author of Breakthrough: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Hope, recently blessed me at the Cinderella women’s conference with a birthday poem that was humbling and powerful.

She wrote it on a beautiful card with snow-capped, purple mountains, green trees, and a blue and white sky.

purple mountains card

Purple mountains card


Anita's poem

Anita’s poem

I wanted to share it with you today.

“To my dear Beth ~ 
(from the Lord’s heart to yours)
Oh, how I love
the way you raise
My women up
to see My face…

To look to Me
who shows them who
I made them to be…
how I breathed into them
So they may be FREE in Me!

I thank you, Beth
for you never tire
taking My women
from the mire…
to bless My girls
to see their frills and curls,
their beauty ~ their treasure
My blessings beyond measure
to let them see
who they are in Me
You draw them closer~
closer to Me.

God’s blessings and deep love, sister,

Isn’t that beautiful?

I was so touched that Anita wrote this for me.

Be sure to check out her new book, where she shares about the healing miracles God did in her occupational therapist work with patients.