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Hope Ignited Facebook event starts Monday, March 8!

Hope Ignited event

Tomorrow to celebrate International Women’s Day, my lovely Canadian friend and biz peer Doreen Penner is hosting a virtual event on Facebook, Hope Ignited: Empowering Women to Rise Up! I am so excited and honored to be among the lineup of speakers for this event!

It is a full day of inspiration and encouragement. On pre-recorded Zoom videos, the six speakers are sharing their stories, wisdom, experience, and action steps.

It begins tomorrow, Monday, March 8, and lasts until Friday, March 12, to give you time to view the videos and join us. The event page is here. 

Bring your hot coffee or your fave cold drink, a journal and a pen to take notes, and mingle with the speakers on the event page here. Leave your comments and feel free to ask Doreen and the speakers any questions.

I’d love to connect with you there and I pray this event uplifts you. Please share and invite a family member or friend who needs HOPE, inspiration, and encouragement! Each speaker will have a different topic. It’s going to be fun!


International Women’s Day: The women who inspire you

International Women's Day symbol

International Women’s Day symbol

Today is International Women’s Day. It became a national holiday in Soviet Russia in 1917, after women gained the right to vote there. Today all over the world, people are celebrating women.

God celebrates women, too–in a holy way. He created woman and He loves women, His precious daughters and the Royal Bride of Christ. When He made the earth and everything in it, He said “It is good.” But it was after He made the woman that He said, “It is very good.” That word very is m@`od, which means “substantive” or “exceedingly.” (Strong’s H3966, BlueLetter Bible). 

Heather, Eden, and Leah

Our beautiful daughters Heather, Eden, & Leah


My precious sis Maria

My precious sis & BFF Maria


My BFF Rochelle Valasek

my BFF Rochelle Valasek

I’m so very thankful for the women God has brought into my life who have impacted me and inspired me to become a better woman of God:

  1. foremost, our three beautiful daughters, Heather, Eden, and Leah;
  2. my sister Maria;
  3. my friends Shelley Valasek, Doreen Penner, Dana Arcuri, Stephanie Carter, Ruth Christian, Liz Zacharias, Diane Bishop, and Kim Weber;
  4. my spiritual moms Suzy Bunton, Betty Spangler, and Blanch Hershberger;
  5. and many other women of God who have influenced me. I love you all!

Today on International Women’s Day, think about the women in your life. Pray for them and maybe send them a note to let them know how they have made such a difference in your life and that you love them.

Also think about how you can impact and inspire others. There is no one else like beautiful you with what you have to offer! Today celebrate yourself and all women whom God made.

“After women, flowers are the most beautiful thing God has given the world.” –Christian Dior

Here is today’s video–International Women’s day: The women who inspire you. Just click on the link below at YouTube: