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Leah’s art, Mint Green Black Cat coffee cups and more: Make extra money on Etsy

Today is Day 7 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. The daily blog post inspiration was to go browse an interesting online retailer and see what pops into your head.

I checked out Bridget’s Etsy. I like the Mint Green Black Cat coffee cup, the tiny gold compass necklace, and I thought the This is My Selfie TShirt was funny.

I’ve been trying to encourage our daughter Leah to sell her art on Etsy. She totally could. 

We’ve always homeschooled Leah and several years ago, Ray bought her a graphic art tablet. I’ve been encouraging her since graduation to enroll in college art classes (she still “doesn’t know yet.”) She’s a completely self-taught artist and is just amazing. Here’s just 2 samples of the incredible graphic art she’s drawn:

#10 Copyright 2014 Leah Jones

Copyright 2014 Leah Jones


#14 - Thumbnailing - 19th Copyright 2014 Leah Jones

Copyright 2014 Leah Jones


Her art is very unique. I also LOVE this cute one she drew!

Copyright 2014 Leah Jones

Copyright 2014 Leah Jones

Leah could sell some of her art on Etsy and make some money to buy whatever she wants or needs.

You can sell items on Etsy, too. I have a friend, Jennifer Whiddon, an anointed jewelry artist who sells on Etsy. She also created a custom-made, sterling silver necklace just for my website here.

What talent or skill do you have that you could use to make some extra money on Etsy?