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The Great Conduit

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God, make me Your conduit

Today I was¬†really encouraged by a friend’s comment about me in a Facebook group and wanted to share my thoughts with you. In the forum, we post weekly or even daily prayer requests as needed, and I’d asked for prayer for God’s wisdom to lead and guide me for my “next step.”

One friend, Cindy Ortagus, said that she’d pray for God’s leading for that next step and that I’d continue to be used as His “conduit,” for Him to speak through me to the world around me.

Cindy had received that word conduit before when praying for me several months ago and had sent me a card in the mail about it. She said that word keeps coming to her as she prays for me.

Cindy's comment about me as a conduit

Cindy’s comment about me as a conduit

The word resonated with me, and today I looked up the definition of conduit on the online Free Dictionary:

1. A pipe or channel for carrying/conveying fluids, such as water.

2. A tube or duct for enclosing electric wires or cable.

3. A means by which something is transmitted: an arms dealer who served as a conduit for intelligence data.
4. Archaic A fountain.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin conductus, from Latin, past participle of condcere, to lead together; see conduce.]

Wow! There is so much there.

My desire is to be a carrier of God’s love – Christ’s LIVING WATERS.

Like a duct for enclosing electric wires, I want to be a duct for the Holy Spirit’s POWER.

I want to be a means for transmitting GOD’S WORD, His prophetic messenger of truth, love and forgiveness.

I want to lead together women of God.

I want to be a fountain of God’s anointing.

God, make me your conduit.

Remove anything obstructing the conduit, anything blocking or hindering Your love and power, so Your Spirit will flow freely into and through my life, heart, and spirit to others in the world.

The Great Conduit

The Great Conduit

Conduits’ origins

In the Middle Ages in London, the Great Conduit was built to ensure public access to safe, clean water. This was a complex system of pipes that brought water from a large fresh spring at Tyburn to a pumping house with cisterns at Cheapside. This fed local cisterns all over London.

“The head of the conduit was placed near a natural spring and the water from the spring was used to fill a nearby cistern or tank.¬† From the cistern, the water flowed through pipes for a distance of a mile or more.” The water was stored in a larger cistern equipped with taps for dispensing the water.

Interestingly, the conduit houses were not only used for storing and dispensing water, but also served a secondary function as billboards for moral instruction.(

Conduits were vital to give people clean, fresh, wholesome water to drink and to prevent diseases.

Jesus gives us His living waters to give us abundant life, to set us free from sin, and to heal us.

“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” ~ John 4:14, NLT

God, make me Your conduit.

The Bible has many stories of what God could do with men, women, and children who were yielded to His purposes. They became  unobstructed conduits of His Love and Power.

Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have any children, yet God chose them to be the father and the mother of the Jewish nation because of their great faith, with their descendants being a “great nation” – as many as the stars. When Abraham was 100 and Sarah beyond childbearing years, they had their son Isaac ~ through Abraham the Jews were born. (Scientists estimate there are between 100 billion and 1 trillion stars in an average¬†galaxy, and about 100 billion to 1 trillion galaxies in the Universe.)

Moses told God that he stammered and couldn’t speak, but God reminded him that He’d made Moses’ mouth. Moses went on to became the deliverer of the Jewish people out of the slavery in Egypt. One of the most famous and miraculous¬†of his feats was parting the Red Sea for the Jews to cross over when Pharoah and his army were pursuing them to bring them back to Egypt.

Samson, a Nazirite consecrated to God from birth, had supernatural physical strength from God to kill 1000 men with the jawbone of a donkey. (Judges 15:16)

Queen Esther, an ordinary Jewish girl, became the deliverer of the Jewish peoplewhen Mordecai wanted to have the nation wiped out.

David was a man after God’s own heart and a great warrior for Him, killing tens of thousands of the Israelites’ enemy, the Philistines.

Samuel was just a little child, yet he heard the voice of God in the temple and “none of his words fell to the ground,” becoming one of Israel’s most accurate prophets.

Jesus, the only Son of God, only did what God told him to do and say, doing many miracles. The New Testament records only 37 of these miracles, but the Apostle John said, “If everyone of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25)

Mary Magdalene, “just a woman” in¬†a society which viewed women¬†more as property and objects,¬†and who had seven demons cast out of her, became the first evangelist after seeing Jesus resurrected in the garden.

God, make me Your conduit.