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The Power of a Praying Wife


Prayer is my gift

Unique black wrap Ray bought me

Unique black wrap Ray bought me

Sometimes my husband Ray brings me gifts home.

Just because gifts ~ my favorite flowers (long-stemmed, red roses or friendly white daisies), chocolate, an emerald-green scarf to match my eyes, jewelry, and this week a pretty, unique, black wrap, pictured here.

And I do the same for Ray, but him more than me.

But my main gift for Ray is prayer. It is my gift for our kids and our grandkids, those I love and know. It’s what I have to offer.

Because I know God knows all the answers when I don’t. He has the provision that I long to have to bless others with, because He is Jehovah Jireh. God has the wisdom needed when I don’t know what to do or say. He has the love and grace and mercy to offer when my own well runs dry. God has the healing power flowing and available when others are sick. He has the deliverance to set others free when the enemy has taken one captive. He has the courage to embolden when all around us are terrifying events.

Prayer is my gift for Ray. I pray every day for him. I’ve prayed for the 23 years of our marriage for him. I’ve read and re-read Stormie O’Martian’s book, The Power of a Praying Wife. And I’ve prayed those prayers.

I’ve prayed even when there seemed to be a brass heaven and I saw no change and felt no hope, because, as Stormie writes, prayer changes us. I’ve written a book describing how our marriage has been hell and now I’m writing a fiction book (that has a lot of our marriage in it). I have another book on marriage in the works (I Love His Hands; Reflections of Light & Hope by an Imperfect Wife).

Hands out to receive the daily grace I need, heart open. I believe. I pray. I thank God.

“You need not cry very loud: He is nearer to us than we think.” ~ Brother Lawrence